Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems

forms alliance with Baumann Automation 

In the years ahead, intralogistics will be transformed dramatically – in ways much like those seen in manufacturing processes.

Robots, rather than humans, will perform many warehouse tasks in the near future. For many years now Hänel has been developing efficient and fully automated storage solutions. Within the scope of a project realized for a long-time customer, Hänel formed an alliance with Baumann Automation in Amberg, Germany.

At an office and production site covering some 215,278.21 ft2 / 20,000m2, Baumann Automation develops and manufactures automation systems for international customers in the automotive supplier, electronics and household appliance industries. Baumann solutions range from single robot cells to complete automated production lines.

The utilization of robotics for automation, and the requisite process integration, are among the core competencies at Baumann Automation.

A joint project was the basis for the partnership
Hänel controller technology is ideal for integrating robot systems in intralogistic processes.
The specialists at Hänel and Baumann Automation collaborated on a pilot project for a Hänel customer which was realized quickly and efficiently.
Robots mounted on autonomous transport units perform all the put and pick operations on Hänel Lean-Lift® systems in the customer’s production department.

Upon completion of this innovative and trendsetting solution, which resulted from the successful collaboration involving both companies, Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems and Baumann Automation formally established their partnership.

Now both partners are developing intralogistic systems based on robotics for deployment in the warehouse of the future.
This standard solution enables autonomous robots and humans to work side by side when operating the very latest Hänel lift systems.

The collaboration between Hänel and Baumann Automation was also the inspiration for the Robotic Handling trade fair presentation which is described on the following pages.

Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems and Baumann Automation – a strong partnership for the intralogistics of the future.

Watch this video about Baumann Automation and Industry 4.0.

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