CeMAT 2018 International Trade Fair

High interest in Hänel innovations and storage systems among industry professionals

Digital networks – the main theme at CeMAT 2018

The Motto Logistics 4.0 meets Industry 4.0 was used to integrate CeMAT in the Hanover Fair this year. The coupling of both events thus gave thousands of visitors to the Hanover Fair a chance to experience CeMAT as well. Many industry professionals used that opportunity to visit the Hänel stand to see the intelligent innovations offered for intralogistics. 

Hänel focused on six main topics at the exhibition – which included informative live presentations as well.

In addition to Hänel’s wide-ranging expertise in controller technology and the smart integration of Hänel storage systems in networks worldwide, the stand also highlighted DIGITAL CONNECTED technologies such as order picking supported by the MP 14 N controller, not to mention the digital picking display of the Hänel Rotomat®.

Hänel also introduced a new concept for system operation: the new Hänel MP 14 N controller in conjunction with HänelSoft® warehouse management software and Hänel PictureControl, comprised of a camera integrated in the storage system to enable perfect visual operation of the Hänel Lean-Lift®.

Pick-by-Light and Put-to-Light concepts for the Hänel Rotomat® industrial lift system were also exhibited at CeMAT this year.

Maximum picking speeds thanks to vertical carousel technology, plus “put- and pick-to-light” options using modern web devices along with HänelSoft®, reflect the synergies possible with Hänel’s proven technology and advanced features.

One highlight among the devices available for operating Hänel lifts is the use of augmented reality devices. The SOAP interface in Hänel controllers, along with software such as SAP, enables users wearing augmented reality devices to operate Hänel storage systems with high efficiency. This was demonstrated live at the Hänel stand.

The banner POWERFUL FEATURES drew attention to other additional options available for boosting the efficiency of Hänel industrial storage systems.

Large numbers of industry professionals also made their way to Hall 23 to see what Hänel had to offer at the Logistics Hub 4.0 special exhibit. Hänel demonstrated its Pick-by-Light and Put-to- Light concept for optimizing logistic chains and processes.