Hänel controllers integrate

with IT systems 

Hänel controllers and their integrated storage management packages can be networked with existing IT systems

The Hänel single-lift controller MP 12 N-StandAlone and MP 14 N- StandAlone such as the central controller MP 100 D are already equipped with a comprehensive range of storage management functions and therefore provide an ideal basis for connection to higher-level materials management systems.

The MP 12 N-StandAlone, MP 14 N- StandAlone and the MP 100 D are integrated into the corporate network via the standard Ethernet interface.

Hänel MP12N and MP14N controllers can be operated directly from a storage management system such as HänelSoft®-N or a customized software solution
Customers can use their existing storage management software with the Hänel MP 12 N and MP 14 N controllers in the modes HostCom (MP12N only), HostData and HostWeb.

The MP 12 N and MP 14 N controllers – in the HostData and HostWeb versions – can be directly linked to the warehouse management system without the need for an additional PC.

The MP 12 N-HostData and the MP 14 N- HostData controllers are equipped with a data buffer and automatic host communication.

The following variants are available: CIFS, FTP (SFTP) or SOAP protocol. This is already included as standard.

The Hänel advantages:

Hänel offers a qualified support service for customers who want to integrate the Hänel storage systems into their existing Iwconcept.

Platform independence.

Web applications for all clients – at the lift, for PC workplaces, for mobile devices/tablets.

Pick-o-Light® control via the network – no serial interface required for a PC.

No PCs required for operating lifts or optional lift equipment.