Technology for the future

Energy-efficient systems are the key to lowering energy consumption in your warehouse!

The effective energy consumption of automated material and file handling systems has a major impact on operating costs, amortization and not least on environmental protection.

For this reason we have always placed great emphasis on continually optimizing the energy efficiency of our storage systems. This brings our customers many benefits, both from an economic and an ecological perspective!

Energy recovery with a built-in frequency converter

At the CeMAT trade fair in 2008, Hänel demonstrated its pioneering role in the industry by unveiling Hänel EcoDrive®, the first component in the Hänel EcoConcept.

The built-in frequency converter in EcoDrive® transforms the kinetic energy of the descending extractor into electrical energy and feeds it back into the electrical supply system. This enables up to 40 % of the energy required by the storage system to be recovered, depending on the rate of travel.

Since its introduction, many customers have opted for this energy regeneration technology when ordering Hänel Lean-Lift® and Hänel Multi-Space® storage systems. In fact, the number of storage systems sold with Hänel EcoDrive® has doubled since 2011.

Hänel microprocessor controllers with new features

Another great success story is the Hänel EcoLoad® system. Continuous monitoring of the load situation in the Rotomat® and adherence to the storage recommendations ensures that even and balanced load distribution is achieved. As a result, only minimal energy is needed to start the storage carousel rotating.

In 2013, some 60 % of all the Hänel Rotomat® industrial storage carousels sold were equipped with this technology.

Hänel EcoMode® – intelligent energy-management

The sales figures for Hänel EcoMode® also continue to climb. With this standby technology, all systems that consume energy, even when at standstill, are shut down by the control system in four EcoMode® levels (energy-saving levels).

This reduces the energy consumption of Hänel storage systems to a minimum when they are not being used.

We are very happy to see that more and more of our customers are selecting systems that contribute to sustainability.

Our specialists will continue to work on the Hänel EcoConcept and develop further energyefficient solutions for Hänel storage systems.

For the sake of the environment!

Hänel EcoDrive®

Depending on the rate of travel, up to 40 % of the energy fed in previously for the upward run can be returned to the supply network thanks to Hänel EcoDrive®

Animation Hänel EcoDrive®

Hänel EcoLoad®

The weight distribution in the Hänel Rotomat® is measured continuously so that if a load becomes uneven, a relocation of goods is recommended to optimize energy efficiency

Animation Hänel EcoLoad®

Hänel EcoMode®

EcoMode® level 1: The background lighting of the TFT display is switched off.

EcoMode® level 2: Components of the electrical control system are switched off.

EcoMode® level 3: The lighting is dimmed.

EcoMode® level 4: The carousel is turned off at the main switch.

Animation Hänel EcoMode®