Hänel presents the Lean-Lift® extra-wide for the first time!

The new extra-wide Lean-Lift® – a giant that exemplifies Hänel quality!

Hänel has succeeded once again in expanding the dimensions of typical storage solutions. The new extra-wide version of the Lean-Lift® has a width of up to 16.01 ft. What‘s more, each Hänel storage container has a storage width of up to 13.32 ft. 

Storage space can be fully utilized because the unique and sturdy Hänel containers do not require any cross bracing – and this means items of all sizes can be stored in the system. 

The maximum container payload is up to 1,540 lbs. And despite this high payload capacity, Hänel offers this Lean-Lift® with a stable slot system having extremely compact and efficient 0.98 ’’ pitch spacing. This is possible thanks to the proven Hänel profile wall in combination with the multifunction containers and the Hänel space-saving profile pattern. 

The system extractor is powered by the efficient Hänel high-speed drive system. This drive unit moves an extractor without payload at speeds of up to 5.25 ft/sec. And this highly efficient and powerful motor allow the extractor to achieve travel speeds of up to 2.79 ft/sec with maximum payloads. This is nothing short of best-in-class performance. 

Another important feature is the smooth-running and low-maintenance chain technology together with Hänel’s effective 4-point suspension. 

This delivers considerable benefits in terms of process accuracy and precision. 

Furthermore, the extra-wide Hänel Lean-Lift® is also available with the efficient Hänel EcoDrive® energy regeneration system.