Real-life case studies

Hänel storage systems in hospital environments

Hänel has the right solutions for efficient hospital organization!

Example 1:St. Gallen Canton Hospital 

St. Gallen Canton Hospital in Switzerland relies on six Hänel Rotomat® systems. 

Two of these have been in operation for more than 20 years. That reflects the proven quality of the systems and the excellence of Hänel service and maintenance. 

In fact, the hospital has been so satisfied with the Hänel systems that administrators decided to purchase two more Rotomat® office systems for archiving patient information. 

The Hänel Rotomat® is the ideal filing system for patient and employee files. 

The right decision – Hänel

Example 2: Bethesda Hospital, Basel 

For more than a year now the Bethesda Hospital has been keeping surgical instruments in a Rotomat® storage system. An extra-large version of the system was installed so that the available floor space could be utilized efficiently – such customized systems are no problem for Hänel – each storage system is built to meet the specific requirements of our customers. 

Hospital employees are literally thrilled with the system and would not want to be without it. 

One staff member said: “Everything is such much easier – instead of using mobile racks, everything is stored and provided to us at the touch of a button“. 

Customized storage solutions from Hänel

Example 3: Hospitals in the USA are also profiting from innovative Hänel solutions 

A large number of hospitals in the United States now employ the Hänel Rotomat® for safe and secure storage. 

Constant inventory control is ensured thanks to easy integration in existing IT systems. It is nearly impossible that expiration dates inadvertently go unnoticed. 

The design of the containers in the Hänel Rotomat® is adapted to meet specific application requirements. Thus articles do not have to be stacked during storage.

Example 4: Linde Clinic, Biel 

As part of an optimization project, the Linde Clinic selected a Hänel Rotomat® for use in the central pharmacy. 

Markus Grenacher (Head of Operations and Infrastructure) realized that the Hänel Rotomat® would be the best solution to ensure space-saving and well-organized storage of medications. During his career he had come to appreciate the many advantages delivered by Hänel storage carousels. 

Claudia Maritz, Head of the Central Pharmacy, and her team are extremely happy with the convenience and efficiency of the Hänel Rotomat®. “No more bending or stretching to reach items stored on shelves,“ as was the case in the past. 

Neat and safe storage of medications in the Hänel Rotomat®

Example 5: Liechtenstein Public Hospital, Vaduz 

The Hänel Rotomat® system is especially suited for storing heavy chrome steel receptacles containing sterilized surgical instruments. The rolling mechanism in the work counter makes retrieval very convenient and ergonomic. Boxes weighing up to 22.04 lbs glide effortlessly to the retrieval point. 

In the past boxes were stored in holders positioned at various heights. 

Sterile storage of surgical instruments in the Hänel Rotomat®