Powerful Features

Intelligent options for boosting efficiency

Customized configurations for demanding applications!

Hänel offers a wide range of options for building customized storage solutions to satisfy unique customer requirements. The Hänel Pick-o-Light-Vario® uses a movable LED unit at the top of the access point which shines a beam of light on specific items awaiting retrieval.

This light helps order pickers identify the requested articles and thus speeds up the retrieval process. The Hänel MP 12 N controller can be used for a stand-alone Hänel solution because of its integrated management software, or it can be easily integrated in network configurations thanks to its four modes of operation.

The high-speed version of the Hänel Lean-Lift® also boosts efficiency even more thanks to the extremely fast extractor and container speeds achieved by the system.

And with Hänel EcoDrive® up to 40 % of the energy needed for the upward run can be returned to the power supply network depending on the traversing rate of the descending extractor.

Our specialists will be glad to work out the details of a solution with special features that precisely address your needs!