Hänel expertise and innovative controller system


Maximum user-friendliness and functionality

Hänel offers a wide range of control concepts for all kinds of warehouse requirements and storage strategies.

Hänel controllers are holistic solutions for efficient intralogistics. In stand-alone mode, the complete warehouse management software is already integrated in the controller.

All typical process and communication interfaces are standard.

Four different operating modes offer maximum flexibility and support easy integration of Hänel storage systems in existing networks.

For example, the MP 100 D central controller manages up to 99 Hänel storage systems at the same time, and there is no need for an additional PC.

Hänel controller technology offers the highest levels of flexibility possible

The modular software structure and various communications concepts provide extreme flexibility whenever network infrastructures are upgraded or redesigned.

All popular ERP systems are supported and can be displayed for use on the control terminal via the SOAP interface.

Our control systems are designed to satisfy the most diverse requirements and offer holistic solutions for your intralogistics!

Integrated in the Hänel control system MP 12 N are four operating modes:

MP 12 N-StandAlone
The complete storage management package is integrated in this device, so no additional PC is required. The Ethernet interface makes connectivity to your IT environment easy. A web server is also available so that the storage data can be displayed on the intranet.

MP 12 N-HostWeb
Storage management takes place in the higher-level host system. An integrated web browser displays any required web page on the control unit via the HTML interface. The web applications are operated via touch screen on the control units.

MP 12 N-HostCom
In this mode storage management is performed in the higher-level host system, and the lifts are controlled via the user interface of the external storage management software. For storage and retrieval, a drive command is sent to the lift controller by the warehouse management software (WMS). Communication takes place via TCP/IP.

MP 12 N-HostData
The control system for quick and easy connection of our storage units to the customer’s ERP system. This version offers a file interface for storage and retrieval orders (pick lists) or individual data records.

Data conversion takes place in the controller. Time-driven data communication takes place automatically. Route-optimized processing of orders is possible across multiple Hänel storage unit.