Hänel Lean-Lift®

Storage down to –80°C

For many years Hänel’s product range has included future-oriented solutions for storage in air-controlled environments in the form of the ClimateStore® systems.

Now Hänel is offering another option for storage at extremely low temperatures, down to – 80° C. For this purpose, Hänel storage containers with the electrification function are used.

These enable cold boxes to be put into storage and supplied with power while in the lift, ensuring constant cooling of the stored items.

The size of the access point on the Lean-Lift® is adapted to the respective refrigeration system in such cases. So operators can still benefit from Hänels renowned ergonomic design.

The system is ideal for storing sensitive parts used in the electronics industry and in medical technology.

It also allows stocks of donated blood, for example, to be kept safely.