Visual Operation

The new system operation concept from Hänel – the MP 14 N controller

Hänel PictureControl, HänelSoft® and the new MP 14 N controller for innovative visual system operation!

You always see what you have on inventory thanks to Hänel PictureControl. A camera integrated in the storage system photographs all transactions.

In addition to inventory data, HänelSoft® Picture also manages the container photos. A specified number of pictures per container is archived so that inventory changes on the container can be tracked and allocated to specific users. The MP 14 N is perfect for displaying item pictures at the control terminal. 

The 12-inch touch screen of the high-performance MP 14 N controller sets standards for ease of use. Both item and container images are displayed in optimized high-resolution and in great detail. Based on this photographic information, items on each container can be identified directly on the control unit and automatically brought to the access point.

The container photo also shows the system operator where each item should be “put or picked.”

This innovative concept helps optimize warehouse operations and dramatically boost efficiency!