MP 0 N

Single lift controller for the Hänel Rotomat®

The MP 0 N is designed as a single-lift controller for the Hänel Rotomat® with one access point. It offers three different operating modes:

MP 0 N-StandAlone

The high-resolution TFT display can handle virtually any language. A lift run graphic shows the movements of the lift. The user-friendly menu structure for information and system services makes it easy to work efficiently. An RS 232 interface for connecting peripheral systems (PC, barcode reader, etc.) is also integrated. The Hänel EcoLoad® can be integrated into the MP 0 N as an option. It ensures even load distribution in the Hänel Rotomat®. This helps to save energy and avoid dangerous load imbalances (further information on the Hänel EcoLoad®). The load status is depicted graphically on the display. Storage locations are pinpointed by compartment LEDs, and sublevel indicators are also possible if required. Operation by remote control module in conjunction with the requisite safety equipment can be used to control the Rotomat® directly from a PC or barcode reader.


The pluses

  • Three different operating modes are possible
  • Direct selection of the shelf levels by entering the shelf number
  • Digital display of the shelf number in the access point
  • Messages displayed in plain text
  • When positioning system MFPS is used: Individually programmable stop positions, position monitoring
  • Different language versions can be set
  • RS 232 interface for PC and barcode reader
  • Keylock function
  • Emergency operation possible with retrieval hatch closed (optional)