Onboard warehouse management

The integrated storage management packages of the MP controllers from Hänel

Intelligent inventory control with the storage management packages from Hänel
The compact MP 12 N-StandAlone, the MP 14 N-StandAlone and the MP 100 D central control unit are delivered a Hänel WMS package. This means all the inventory control functions are already integrated. The storage data are saved on compact flash cards that guarantee high data security and insensitivity to dust, dirt and vibration. All inventory bookings are immediately written to the memory card by a secure procedure. Even if the control system is switched off unexpectedly, your data is still safe. The MP 100 D also offers the option of using a second memory card as an automatic backup medium. 

No additional PC is required! 


Three storage management packages are available:

Hänel article management
Hänel tool management (only MP 12 N)
Hänel file management (only MP 12 N)

All three packages boast easy-to-handle user interfaces and maximum storage management functionality.


Article selection storage/retrieval

When an article is selected, a detailed list of information about the item is displayed.

Storage location search

When a container size is entered (optionally with a height specification) the control system suggests the next free storage location.

Graphical overview of shelves

The graphic shows the current situation on each shelf. Tap on the marked compartment to display its contents.

Info on article data

When a search term is entered, the results are displayed in a table. Any data field can be selected as a search field, such as article number, article name, etc.