Easy connection of peripheral components

All Hänel control systems are equipped as standard with serial and/or USB ports for the connection of peripheral components
The central arrangement of all the peripheral devices needed for order picking, such as RFID systems, barcode and badge readers, printers and scales, ensures the best possible user comfort, saves time and guarantees smooth workflow.

The MP 12 N and the MP 14 N controllers also allow the connection of network components via the integrated Ethernet interface. It is possible to connect:

  • Printers for different list printouts: article lists, storage location lists; filtering and sorting of data according to different criteria is possible.
  • Label printers for marking the stored and retrieved material with article numbers, names, quantities, etc.
  • Barcode readers for identifying articles by their article number, and optionally for checking the article number (barcode crosscheck) or entering a quantity.
  • Transponder readers or badge readers for personal identification and access control at the storage lifts.
  • Counting scales enabling the number of stored/retrieved items to be determined by weight when large quantities are involved. This eliminates the need to laboriously count the items individually.

The pluses

  • Quick and easy connection of peripheral devices.
  • Efficient work methods thanks to the ergonomic positioning of the peripheral devices.
  • Flexible positioning with the Hänel Vario arm system.
  • Smooth workflow resulting in saved time.