Hänel TDM Software

The ideal solution for your tool management

Tool-related search criteria and filters allow quick and easy tool selection
Tools are requested or put into storage by entering an article number or using a barcode scanner. This means similar-looking tools can’t be confused. In addition to the numerical data, Hänel TDM processes and stores other information about components, complete tools and tool lists in all the customary data formats. All storage and retrieval operations are logged, which makes later verification and tracking easy, and ensures traceability to the respective user. This practical tool data management system can be adapted flexibly and effortlessly to different user environments. The modular design and high flexibility of Hänel TDM means that this well-engineered tool management system can be efficiently used in small, medium and large production plants in a very short time.


MP-Link 2.0

Automotive Dealer Management System Interface

A direct link between inventory stored in Hänel Lean-Lifts® and Rotomats® and Automotive Dealer Management Systems (DMS)

MP-Link 2.0 works in conjunction with a dealership’s existing Dealer Management System (DMS) and Hänel’s vertical storage units. It provides a single web interface for all inventory reporting and dashboard activity, including on-hand inventory searches, transactions and pick ticket status. MP-Link 2.0 also provides the total value of stored inventory and can easily export any information to PDF or Excel. Most notably, it incorporates the latest data exchange guidelines. Dealerships can track orders from the parts department to sales to accounting and back, without duplicate entries. MP-Link 2.0 integrates seamlessly with DMS vendors CDK Global, Reynolds & Reynolds and Dealertrack Technologies.

Hänel also offers a direct interface with other DMS vendors such as Procede, Auto/Mate and DSI through its standard software


The pluses

  • Utilize existing DMS terminals.
  • No additional PC or middleware required.
  • Data base reconciliation is done in real time.
  • Easy connection with bar code scanners and other peripherals.
  • Visibility to system via external PC’s and common web browsers.