Higher-level storage management with Hänel


Hänel optimizes your logistics processes by integrating WMS systems

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) controls and optimizes the entire logistics chain, including the Hänel vertical lift and Rotomat® systems in both office and storeroom.
Thanks to the collaboration with software partners, Hänel Storage Systems is able to offer solutions for complex intralogistics requirements. 

The software works with innovative technologies for real-time process monitoring and control: wireless data transmission, pick-by-light, pick-by-voice, RFID, automatic weighing, control of conveyor systems, roboting, automated warehouse.
A control station is available for monitoring and controlling all the logistics business processes in the warehouse, logistics center and in the supply chain.
The software system can be integrated easily into leading ERP systems from SAP and many other ERP manufacturers. It controls and optimizes the flow of information, materials and work involved, including all storage and retrieval operations.

The specialists of our partners will team up with you to develop customized storage solutions for your intralogistics!