Nothing is impossible!

The Hänel Lean-Lift® offers a customized solution for every requirement

The Hänel Lean-Lift® is the ideal automated storage solution for all branches of industry and all kinds of stored items. Hänel specialists can customize Lean-Lift® systems in line with your specific needs. The height of every Lean-Lift® is precisely determined in accordance with the vertical space available in your warehouse (from floor to ceiling). This enables Hänel to fully utilize this vertical space for optimized storage. Hänel also offers a wide range of additional solutions to make sure that your specific warehousing and storage requirements are met.

Hänel Lean-Lift® – intelligent storage

Safety light curtain

Precise height measurement


Weighing device

Safety light curtain

The Hänel light curtain guarantees maximum safety for the operators as they pick and put.


Optimum storage assignment

Based on precise height measurement of goods

Accurate height measurement for storing containers in the optimal packing density. Height-measuring light barriers spaced at 25 mm/0.98", 37,5 mm/1.47" or 75 mm/2.95". When the container is drawn in, the highly accurate light barriers measure the articles, and the Hänel microprocessor control system finds the optimum storage location in the Hänel Lean-Lift®. With its height sensors, profile wall and Hänel container technology, the Hänel Lean-Lift® provides vertical optimization and height optimization in one!



Energy-efficient LED lighting

Hänel storage systems can be fitted with energy-efficient, non-glare LED lighting

  • Higher illuminance than conventional fluorescent tubes
  • Longer lifespan
  • Lower reflected beam angle, therefore non-glare
  • Substantially reduced energy consumption

The optional energy-efficient LED lighting available for storage systems with EcoMode® also comes with a dimming function.

Accurate weights recorded with the Hänel weighing device

The Hänel Lean-Lift® is equipped with an overload protection/overload monitoring mechanism as standard. As an option, the Hänel Lean-Lift® can be fitted with a container weighing device. Each tray is weighed in the access point by an electronic 4-point weighing system. The current weight is shown on the keyboard display.

The weighing device enables the operator to record and monitor the maximum load of each system container. An easy-view table shows the weights of the individual trays.

Fold-down support rail

The Hänel transporter

Motorized ejector

Extra-high access openings

The fold-down support rail from Hänel

The support rail at the access point can be raised and folded down as required. Storage containers can then be pulled out of the access point on smooth-running plastic rollers. This makes work at the Hänel Lean-Lift® even more ergonomic. Heavy parts can also be removed with a crane.

When it comes to extremely heavy items, the Hänel Lean-Lift® can also be fitted with robust non-folding container support rails.


The Hänel transporter

With the Hänel transporter, complete containers can be taken out of the Lean-Lift®, as they can with the fold-down support rail. This means that even with particularly heavy parts (up to 1,000 kg/2,204 lbs per container) the container can be transported effortlessly to the required destination.


The motorized ejector

Extremely heavy tools stored in the Hänel Lean-Lift® can be removed from the system with the help of a motorized ejection mechanism. The tools can then be easily retrieved with a crane or hoist for maximum ergonomics.


Extra-high access openings

The access point of the Hänel Lean-Lift® is variable and can be delivered in various heights. The standard ergonomic height is approx. 0.89 m/2.92 ft. The standard height of items stored on each container can be up to 0.75 m/2.46 ft.

If the items to be stored exceed or are below these dimensions, the access opening can be individually modified up to an item height of 1.35 m/4.43 ft. Thus even large and bulky items can be stored in the spacesaving system. If items are extremely flat, the access opening can be reduced in size to provide more storage volume.


Extra-wide access openings

High-speed door

Manual or automatic sliding doors

Pallet storage

Extra-wide access openings

The extra-wide Hänel Lean-Lift® has a width of up to 5.02 m / 16.47 ft. What’s more, the individual Hänel containers have a storage width of 3.66 m / 12.00 ft, 4.06 m / 13.32 ft or 4.46 m / 14.63 ft. The entire container space can be utilized because the unique Hänel container design does not require any crossbracing. Thus there is no limitation on the size of items in storage. The maximum container payload is up to 700 kg / 1,543 lbs. The extrawide Hänel Lean-Lift® also features the extremely stable and precise profile wall, which is fixed to the rectangular profiles at the factory. Height sensors at the access point ensure that items are stored in height-optimized positions.

The system extractor is powered by the efficient Hänel high-speed drive system. This drive unit moves an extractor, without payload and depending on type, at speeds of up to 1.60 m/ sec (5.25 ft / sec). The vertical speed of the extractor can reach speeds of up to 0.80 m / sec (2.62 ft / sec) with maximum payloads.


The Hänel high-speed door

The Hänel high-speed door enables several operators to work simultaneously at a Lean-Lift® with more than one access point. The access areas are blocked off from each other. High travel speeds make for quick access. The aluminum profiles are highly robust and have a long lifecycle. A frequency converter ensures optimal flow of movement.


Manual or automatic sliding doors

The access points of Hänel Lean-Lift® systems are equipped with lockable and smooth-sliding doors to protect stored items from dust and dirt, as well as from unauthorized access.

If requested, the Hänel Lean-Lift® can be fitted with automatic sliding doors.

The doors protect stored items and can also help regulate temperatures within the systems – the automatic doors open whenever the system receives a request for item retrieval.

Pallet storage

For pallet storage, the Lean-Lift® access point is flush with floor level, and the system is equipped with a special extractor for pallet removal. Item batches on pallets are available for retrieval according to the same operating principle of all Lean-Lift® systems. The pallets can also be accessed on several different floors of a warehouse building. If pallets are to be removed with hand trucks or forklifts, the flush access opening of the Hänel system can be raised accordingly to accommodate such equipment. This makes it much easier to push hand trucks or forklifts under the system for easier pallet removal.