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High-speed version

Heavy loads

Storage of small parts

ESD storage

Hänel Rotomat® storage carousels

in high-speed version

Boost order picking performance with the Hänel Rotomat® high-speed version

The speed of rotation has been improved by up to 70%, depending on the application. Special multifunction carriers have been developed for this purpose to give the storage goods added security.

Moreover, the user can pick articles from the lower section of the carrier as well as from the upper section. An additional integrated light curtain ensures that Hänel’s high security standards are met.

A further storage location display for the upper section of the carrier has also been incorporated.

Barcode scanners are used to identify the items to be picked, and the Rotomat® moves to the storage position without any additional input at the control unit. This eliminates the need to enter a confirmation.

The average access time is consequently reduced by up to 40 %, so once again Hänel has succeeded in substantially improving order picking performance.

Customers are already using the high speed version of the Hänel Rotomat® storage carousel for their order picking with great success.

Handling heavy parts with ease

The Hänel Rotomat® heavy-duty carousels

Hänel has the right solution for heavy-duty requirements

Hänel Rotomat® storage carousels can also cope with heavy and bulky storage items. Offering standard widths up to 3,420 mm / 135 inches (greater widths also possible), standard carrier payloads of up to 750 kg / 1,653 lbs maximum and total payloads of up to 14,000 kg / 30,865 lbs per unit, the Hänel Rotomat® is the ideal heavy-duty automated storage system. Whether it’s handling complete sub-assemblies, bulky components or tools – the Hänel Rotomat® storage carousel brings all the items to the ergonomic retrieval height on request.

This means a large number of parts can be stored in a safe and protected environment on a minimal footprint. The powerful 2-motor drive system and robust design of the multifunction carriers along with the 4-point sliding carriage suspension makes the Hänel Rotomat® the optimal system for the metal-working industry. The Hänel Rotomat® tackles the really tough jobs!

All parts safely in hand

Orderly storage of small parts

The Hänel Rotomat® with storage boxes and drawers on telescopic runners

Mail order businesses, production halls and spare parts centers all have one thing in common – they often need to store, retrieve and pick large numbers of highly varied small parts on demand. Hänel offers different inserts and dividers for its carriers to make the job easier. Plastic boxes of various dimensions, for example, can be stored in the Hänel Rotomat®.

These boxes can be subdivided again, while the compartment sublevel indicator helps the user find and pick the required article quickly and without error. Small parts can also be kept in drawers with telescopic runners to save space. These drawers are available in different heights, so that the compartment sizes can be adapted precisely to your stock.

Hänel Rotomat® ESD storage

Protected storage in the electronics industry

With its antistatic coating, the Rotomat® offers optimal protection for electronic components and devices

To avoid damage caused by electrostatic discharge, electronic devices and components must be handled, packaged and stored in an ESD-protected environment. With this in mind, Hänel offers its Rotomat® storage carousels with a conductive work counter, multifunction carriers with an antistatic coating and mechanical systems of special ESD design. Numerous companies in the electronics industry worldwide use the Hänel Rotomat® storage carousel to store sensitive electronic devices both in the production hall and in the dispatch warehouse.

Pick and put operations can be booked using a barcode scanner. This guarantees continuous inventory control. If electronic components need to be stored in an antistatic, aircontrolled environment, the ESD version of the Hänel Rotomat® storage carousel can be combined with systems like the Hänel ClimateStore® or the Hänel Clean- Store.

Automated storage in a controlled atmosphere

Safety Bypass System

Automated storage in a controlled atmosphere

Hänel CleanStore / Hänel ClimateStore®


The quality requirements that consumer and industrial goods have to meet are becoming increasingly stringent and far-reaching. Many products today, ranging from highly sensitive components in the electronics industry (such as the surfaces of semiconductor products) to fragile substances in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries or medical supplies in hospitals and pharmacies, need to be stored under very specific, defined conditions.

With its automated CleanStore and ClimateStore® systems, Hänel offers future-oriented solutions suitable for air-controlled environments.

The systems are flexible, can be free-standing and operate as stand-alone solutions, or be integrated into existing rooms with air-controlled environments.


Low-particle storage of components in clean-rooms.


Whether it’s in the plus or minus range, goods are stored at a constant temperature.

Safety Bypass System

Hänel Rotomat® storage carousels work reliably and failure-free. If a malfunction should arise, however, Hänel's optional Safety Bypass System comes into effect in certain cases.

If a light barrier curtain or door switch is defective, for example, the user can continue to operate the Hänel Rotomat® until the Hänel service technician arrives by activating the Safety Bypass System and closing the sliding door.