Automotive specialty tool storage

Hanel Lean Lift for Automotive Tool Storage

Tool storage in the Lean-Lift®

Expert service and fast throughput times for repairs and vehicle maintenance are factors that distinguish successful car dealerships and service centers.
For better efficiency and cost-effectiveness, Auto Jung in Sinsheim stores all of its standard and special tools in a Hänel Lean-Lift®.

Central tool depot

In the past tools and repair kits were kept on shelves and in drawer modules. These units were located at various points throughout the repair shop. Now all tools are stored in a centrally located Hänel Lean-Lift®. There is no need to search for specific tools in different places.
And that saves time for service personnel. Up to 1,400 different tools are neatly stored in one system with a minimum footprint. Compared to the previous situation, the Hänel solution saves a considerable amount of space at the dealership.

Management according to the BER list

By coupling the Hänel system controller with the tool management software SEPP24, special tools can be managed quite easily in accordance with BER (Block Exemption Regulation) list.
Based on standardized maintenance and repair procedures, the list specifies the tools to be used for each procedure. Once the tool number is entered on the Hänel control panel, the storage system automatically retrieves the tool for the car mechanic. 
The tool management software also indicates whether a particular tool is being used by another service colleague. A complete tool inventory is available at any time.

The Hänel Lean-Lift® is the perfect solution for organized storage of vehicle components and tools, not to mention professional process optimization in dealerships and service centers!