Automated storage and retrieval with SAP interface

Automated Storage for Bizerba using Hanel Rotomat Storage Systems

Hänel has realized an interface for connecting its system controllers and SAP – without any additional middleware!

Bizerba is a leading manufacturer of scales, slicers and weigh-price-labeling solutions for commercial applications worldwide.

Two Hänel Rotomat® storage systems are used in the packaging department to speed up shipping at the company site in Balingen, Germany. The lifts are used to store package inserts and instruction sheets in several languages, along with small components. The systems save space and support ergonomic retrieval.

The Rotomats® are also equipped with the Hänel MP 12 N-HostWeb control system that is linked to the company’s network infrastructure and SAP ERP system. This is possible thanks to interfaces integrated in the Hänel controller. The SOAP interface is used for transport commands in combination with the HTTP protocol of the web browser for SAP dialogs. This is where the SAP template from Hänel plays an important role. All dialogs are displayed on the touch screen, and the storage transactions are booked in real time on the SAP server.

Intralogistics concept for shipping worldwide

Once the products have been inspected and okayed for shipping, the SAP server sends the order to the printer in the packaging department located one floor below. The order is scanned manually, and all of the packaging components required for shipment are displayed.

Better performance through constant process optimization

Once the packaging components for an order have been picked, an employee operating the Hänel Rotomat® scans the job ticket. SAP then sends a transport command uto the lift system and the shelf with the required document travels to the access point.

The compartment indicator shows the employee precisely where the package inserts and documents are located on the shelf. At the access point the material number is scanned and booked in the SAP system. When the retrieval transaction is confirmed on the Hänel MP 12 N controller, the next item is brought to the access point – this sequential process continues until the pick job is complete. To speed up access, documents that are frequently needed are stored on shelves located close to each other.

When all packaging elements are complete, they move along a conveyor system which takes them up to the next floor. This is where the finished products and packaging come together. When the packing process is complete, the order moves on to the shipping department.

The seamless integration of the Hänel Rotomat® systems in the SAP environment has optimized the logistics concept and flow of goods at Bizerba!

'The direct connectivity of Hänel systems with SAP via SOAP interface has further optimized the logistics concept at Bizerba and dramatically minimized picking errors!'

Felix Debis
Head of Assembly Operations Retail Systems