Temperature controlled storage

Hänel Lean-Lift® Vertical Lift Module


Hänel's product range includes future-oriented solutions for storage in air-controlled environments in the form of the CleanStore and ClimateStore® systems.
The Hänel ClimateStore® technology allows Hänel storage units to be used either as cold stores or as heated storage systems. This makes Hänel systems ideal for storing medical and pharmaceutical products.

The pluses

  • Space-saving storage in a temperature-controlled environment 
  • Optimum use of floor space while ensuring constant temperatures 
  • High economic efficiency and cost savings 
  • Can be used in different temperature ranges depending on the device type:
    Rotomat® from – 4° to + 140° F
    Lean-Lift® from 32° to + 140° F.
  • Reliable temperature constancy to ± 33.8° F.
  • Recording of measured values with data loggers optional.


The Hänel CleanStore Rotomat® is the ideal solution for low-particle storage in clean-rooms. Storage of contamination-sensitive products up to clean-room class 5 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 is possible.