Hearing aid storage

‘The good reputation and excellent customer care
made it easy for us to choose Hänel!’

Optimal integration of Hänel industrial carousels in the production of high-tech hearing aids

The Interton Electronic hearing aid company has its roots in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. For over 40 years Interton Electronic has been developing, designing and producing hearing aid systems to the highest technical standard. Today Interton Electronic is a global player with business partners in more than 50 countries throughout the world.

It uses two Hänel Rotomats® to store components and hearing aids for the production department. The interior fittings, such as drawers for example, are perfect for this application. Once an order has been entered, the components are retrieved using a barcode scanner and conveyed to the assembly station.

Another Hänel Rotomat® in the outgoing goods department stores the finished hearing aids in a protected environment until they are dispatched. Rationalized workflow, definition of fixed storage locations and the reduced floor space requirements are convincing arguments for the installation of Hänel Rotomats®. In the final analysis, however, it was the excellent reputation of the Hänel company that clinched the deal with Interton Electronic.

Interton Electronic Hörgeräte GmbH

51469 Bergisch-Gladbach

120 worldwide

Hearing aid industry

Storage systems: 
3 Hänel Rotomat® industrial carousels

Goods stored: 
Components and hearing aids