Hänel also offers special solutions for new kinds of storage!

The Hänel Rotomat® in the kitchen!

Since 2013 the Huets have enjoyed the convenience of a special Hänel storage solution in their barrier-free home in Mayenne, France. While visiting the Equipauto trade fair in 2013, Mr. Huet contacted our specialists to gain insights into the system types, sizes and technology available from Hänel. He then compared these details with information from other manufacturers.

Mr. Huet was looking for a solution that would give his wife ergonomic, central and convenient access to all of the products needed in the kitchen. The Hänel Rotomat® proved to be the ideal choice.

Developing a Rotomat® for this residential application was a groundbreaking project for Hänel as well. The work was completed reliably and in record time. 
The Hänel Rotomat® fills a space that extends upward to the kitchen ceiling.

It is equipped with 11 multifunctional carriers to offer maximum storage capacity within a minimum footprint. The system is operated centrally using a control terminal and touch screen mounted on a telescopic arm. Mrs. Huet always has an overview of the items stored in the system, not to mention inventory control, and the Rotomat® delivers the products she needs quickly.

The system is installed behind panels that resemble natural stone so that the Hänel Rotomat® blends in perfectly with the modern and elegant design of the kitchen.

This project is yet another example of how talented Hänel specialists develop innovative solutions for every storage requirement.

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