Automated miniload systems designed especially for small parts storage

Automated small parts storage solutions are designed especially for keeping small parts and miniloads in plastic bins or cartons.

Central automated miniload systems are frequently used for the secure and efficient storage of small items. Material and small items can be kept in cartons, bins or shelf compartments.

The storage system is managed using a PC linked to ERP software

Small parts storage and warehouse systems are always automated and operated via computer terminals connected to ERP software systems. Once the small parts inventory has been recorded in the ERP software, the management software then controls all access to the storage bins. The system brings the bins directly to the order pickers. Automated small parts storage solutions, like all Hänel systems, function according to the "goods to man" principle.

Adapting storage positions in miniload and small parts storage systems

Small parts storage solutions can be adapted and varied to meet specific requirements. Two bins in one compartment can be used for items with low throughput. This is called "dual-depth" storage. To permit access to the additional bins, the stackers are equipped with sliding load carriers enabling operators to pull the bins out. The bins can also feature separators and compartments for storing extremely small items. Thus various types of items can be kept in one storage bin. Of course, the warehouse management software must be programmed to support this kind of mixed storage configuration.

Adapting stackers and load carriers in small parts storage solutions

To improve the throughput performance of automated small parts storage solutions, the stackers can also be equipped with several load carriers. The size of the standardized load carriers is dependent on the stacker. But unlike the Hänel Lean-Lift®, this will not allow for better volume density through height-optimized storage. The stacker in automated spare parts storage solutions travels along a corridor when transporting storage items. Thus this corridor space is not available to accommodate storage volume. Expanding storage volume as requirements grow is possible with the Hänel Lean-Lift® – small parts storage solutions do not offer this feature. In many cases vertical storage lift systems are an efficient alternative to automated small parts storage solutions. This alternative should be taken into consideration before setting up small parts storage solutions.