Automating the warehouse for more reliability

Automated storage systems are increasingly deployed in the logistics sector to replace manual processes with more efficient solutions for the modern warehouse. This helps companies withstand enormous market pressure to gain advantages over their competition. Warehouse automation offers more safety, speed and quality than is possible with conventional warehouse and storage technology. Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) support safe and ergonomic storage of even the heaviest inventory items in vertical and high-bay warehouse environments. 

Warehouse management software (WMS) is used to quickly and precisely allocate specific storage space for every item in an automated system. This ensures error-free put and pick operations. There is also no need to spend time searching the warehouse to find items, and real-time inventory data is always correctly recorded. Precise inventory control and detailed tracing along the supply chain is no problem at all, regardless of logistics process complexity.

Benefits derived from an automated order picking processes

Software-driven inventory management and order picking ensures high productivity and error-free retrieval, plus the fast and safe flow of goods via warehouse automation technology. Innovative solutions like Hänel Pick-to-Light effectively minimize picking errors. Data errors and damage are prevented in the storage process so that outgoing orders can be completed more efficiently.

Warehouse operations controlled by an ASRS is based on the "goods to person" principle. Machine commands governing put and pick operations are communicated via control unit to the integrated warehouse management software. Products and materials on pallets, in cartons, boxes, bins etc. are automatically transported directly to employees and are highlighted by visual indicators so they can be identified and retrieved from the storage system without error.

Time-consuming and error-prone warehousing processes can now be performed quickly and easily thanks to automation and intelligent WMS interfaces. The user-friendly control unit of the automated storage system supports simple command input, shortens work processes and boosts employee performance.

Safety for products and employees

Another advantage of automated storage and retrieval systems is the safe and secure flow of goods. The risk of accidents occurring during put and pick operations is reduced because these tasks are performed by fully automated systems. Employees benefit from an automated warehouse in the form of higher productivity, safety and ergonomics. WMS solutions can thus boost the market competitiveness of a business enterprise.

A modern logistics environment contributes to the well-being and motivation of employees in ways that increase their productivity. Special material handling methods and equipment protect goods from damage along the supply chain and thus reduce additional costs stemming from returned goods and complaints.

Automating the warehouse also cuts costs because space is optimally utilized, not to mention that intralogistics processes are more effective and more efficient.

A number of automated solutions are available depending on the specific needs of the business enterprise – for example, automated high-bay warehouses, miniload systems, pallet storage, etc. Hänel offers warehouse storage solutions that address all kinds of requirements.
Warehouse management systems such as the Hänel Rotomat® industrial carousel and the Hänel Lean-Lift® and Hänel Multi-Space®​​​​​​​ vertical lift systems are deployed worldwide with great success – customers profit not only from the innovative automated storage technology, but also from the many years of experience gained by Hänel GmbH & Co. KG.