Fully automated storage for more productivity

Fully automated storage solutions boost efficiency in many businesses and manufacturing operations. Automated storage systems cut costs while improving security and safety.

Fully automated storage: making processes more efficient

Staying competitive is one of the greatest challenges facing business enterprises today. High productivity is a key factor for maintaining a competitive edge. And productivity depends on storage and warehouse processes that are flexible and adaptable so that they can be optimized at any time. A fully automated storage solution fulfills these requirements by saving time, cutting costs and reducing complexity in business and production processes. 

Fully automated storage systems function according to the "goods to man" principle. Thanks to special software, stored items can be requested on demand and brought directly to the access point for retrieval from the storage system. Employees do not need to walk long distances back and forth while searching for items – the goods are quickly transported to the user instead. Storage management software makes sure that all items are neatly stored in the storage system according to a well-organized structure. The software also provides a constant overview of the inventory status. System operators always know which and how many items are on inventory and where each item is stored in the automated system. A fully automated storage system considerably improves intralogistics and boosts the efficiency of production processes.

Fully automated storage: reducing storage and process costs

An automated storage system delivers a number of benefits. It reduces storage and process costs while boosting productivity at the same time, and that keeps personnel costs at low levels. All logistics processes can be rationalized – and that leads to better ROI. It goes without saying that an automated storage system also improves workplace safety: Warehouse work is always associated with certain risks. If there are fewer warehouse tasks, the risk of accidents is diminished considerably.

Automated storage systems can be used for many different applications in various industries – from small parts storage to pallet storage and heavy-duty storage. Hänel offers a wide range of storage systems and customized solutions that satisfy nearly every requirement. The Hänel Lean-Lift® is a fully automated storage system that requires little floor space and utilizes the vertical space available for storage purposes. In areas where minimum space is available, the Hänel Lean-Lift® provides for maximum storage capacity to optimize business and production processes.