Storage carousel:

for cost-effective storage applications

Storage carousels are systems featuring vertically rotating shelves that bring stored items to the system operator. These are dynamic systems that function according to the "goods to man" principle. Items are stored in bins positioned on moving shelves that bring the goods to the operator. The basic functional design of storage carousels resembles the Ferris wheel. When a request is entered on the control unit or other device, the required items are brought to the retrieval area quickly. Carousel technology is used for storage in industrial environments and in distribution centers for order picking and processing. Quite often storage carousels are also preferred for storing documents and files in office environments. Hänel was the first manufacturer in Europe to produce storage carousels in series based on the Ferris wheel principle. Today the Hänel Rotomat® office and industrial storage systems are in operation in businesses around the world. Thanks to Hänel EcoLoad®, the stored items are evenly distributed in the Hänel Rotomat® so that very little energy is required for the system's rotational movement. Hänel storage carousels save time and space. They also feature ergonomic operation. The high-speed version of the Hänel Rotomat® is another innovative Hänel development that considerably increases order picking performance.

Storage carousel: Outstanding space utilization, safety and efficiency

Storage carousels have a number of unique advantages. The high-density storage and maximum space utilization in these dynamic systems are features that speak for themselves. Optimal use of storage space is ensured, and the allocation of storage positions is flexible and variable. Unlike traditional shelves and racks, storage carousels are ergonomic and convenient – the goods are brought directly to the employee. No bending, stretching or climbing is required, and that helps prevent accidents and injuries at work. Moreover, employees are not walking around the warehouse to find and retrieve goods, and that saves enormous amounts of time. There is also no heavy lifting with these ergonomic systems. Extensive searches for items in storage are a thing of the past – all items have allocated positions and are delivered to the access point quickly. 

Storage carousels also support the FIFO warehousing method: The proven "first in – first out" approach is easy to follow when storage carousels are used. Goods procured first are sold first, so that no inventory items become stale or outdated. Likewise, the LIFO approach ("last in – first out") can also be realized with storage carousel systems.