20 years of success

Brian Cohen celebrates his tenure as Chief Executive of Hänel Storage Systems

Brian Cohen joined Hänel Storage Systems in late 2000 to fill the role of Chief Executive. From the very start he contributed to the ongoing Hänel success story in the United States through his willingness to tread new and unknown paths. Brian Cohen and his team transformed a sales organization into a thriving enterprise that is an important and integral part of the Hänel Group.

His vision and talent benefit not only the organization in the US, but also the entire Hänel Group in the form of new ideas and inspiration.

In addition to his role as Hänel Chief Executive with responsibility for business in the NAFTA countries and parts of South America, Brian Cohen also served as the chairman of the ASRS product group of the MHI (Material Handling Industry of America). In this function he was instrumental in the establishment of the ANSI MH24.2-2019 – Power Operated Vertical Carousels and Lift Modules. His dedication has been extremely beneficial to the entire industry.

Brian Cohen is also leading his team and Hänel Storage Systems through the COVID-19 pandemic with a high degree of safety, stability, and success. As always, he is a reliable partner for customers during these difficult times.

The impressive growth of the Hänel organization in the US over the years, along with rising demand for Hänel products, were key factors in the decision made by Brian Cohen and his team to open a new headquarters building in the Thorn Hill Industrial Park in Warrendale, PA. Business operations at this new site began in October. The new Hänel location is ready to handle future business growth and offers more capacity for collaboration and teamwork. The headquarters site serves as the central hub for sales representatives and a network of 90 partner distributors throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Colombia. Visitors to the site will be able to see Hänel technology in action at the new Demo Center which will be completed in the near future.

Congratulations to Brian Cohen on his 20 years of success! Executive management and the entire team behind the Hänel Group express their appreciation for his enormous dedication and look forward to working with Brian for many years in the future.

Joachim Hänel
President of Hänel Group