Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems

among the finalists at IFOY AWARD 2021

At the conclusion of the IFOY TEST DAYS 2021 held at the Dortmund Exhibition Center, the intralogistics appraisal organization presented the annual “Best in Intralogistics” award certificates for the current year. At the event in Dortmund, Germany, 17 enterprises, including Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems, were distinguished with these coveted awards.

Hänel specialists integrated 12 Hänel Rotomat® storage systems spanning two floors to realize a modern warehouse solution for MSC Technologies, a provider of embedded systems. The storage carousels support the physical flow of goods at the customer’s site, and they are seamlessly integrated in the SAP environment at MSC Technologies. There is a unique feature in this solution: The storage system control unit also functions as the SAP terminal. Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems is very proud and honored to receive a “Best in Intralogistics” certificate for this solution.

The “Best in Intralogistics” certificate was introduced three years ago to publicly document the high level of innovation in those devices and solutions nominated for an IFOY AWARD and which successfully passed the IFOY test. The certificate is awarded only to those solutions that meet the criteria of the three-phase IFOY Audit, an independent intralogistics test recognized throughout the industry.

The first phase of the IFOY Audit comprises the scientific IFOY Innovation Check, which is conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) in Dortmund, the Chair of Business Management esp. Logistics at the Dresden University of Technology, and the Chair of Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics at the Technical University of Munich. 

These experts also verify the innovations presented by the manufacturers in the test hall and employ a comparison of the technology to determine whether the submissions are innovative further developments, new compositions, or genuine innovations.

The second phase of the IFOY Audit is based on the practice-centric IFOY Test developed by Theo Egberts, technology journalist from the Netherlands. The solutions are subjected to coordinated transport or function tests, including the 80 criteria of the IFOY Test Protocol, which rates the efficiency, energy efficiency, sustainability, safety, and ergonomics of the systems.

The jurors and their approved advisors then select the finalists during the third phase of the audit. The jury members formulate their own conclusions based on the IFOY Innovation Check, the IFOY Test results, and their own test experiences before the final voting takes place.

Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems is proud that the innovative project for MSC Technologies has been recognized with this premier competitive award. Receiving the certificate in the category ‘Integrated Warehouse Solution’ to become one of the finalists confirms Hänel’s high-level of innovation expertise when it comes to the digitization of intralogistics in conjunction with Hänel storage systems.

The IFOY Award 2021 will motivate our specialists even more as they continue to realize solutions that will satisfy the requirements of today and tomorrow.

More information about the Hänel intralogistics solution is available here