Hänel presents

solutions for the digitization of intralogistics 

Hänel’s digital world offers innovative solutions that address the demands of tomorrow!

Demands for flexibility and precision in manufacturing and shipping are on the rise, which makes having a digitized and intelligently networked intralogistics infrastructure crucial to business success. Hänel Office and Industrial Storage Systems has been developing solutions to address these demands for many years now – long before the wave of digitization known as “Industry 4.0” began transforming our world.

Hänel systems such as the Rotomat®, the Lean-Lift® and the Multi-Space® can beclustered and integrated in almost any IT environment at various sites worldwide thanks to intelligent Hänel control systems and an open architecture.

One key highlight is the middleware-free connectivity of Hänel storage systems to a wide range of ERP systems via the integrated SOAP interface. System operation via optical devices like smart- glasses (augmented reality) with voice control (pick-by-voice) is already a reality at Hänel.

This brochure provides insights into some actual Hänel solutions now in operation at customer sites where digital transformation and system integration have been successfully implemented for optimized intralogistics.

The new brochure illustrates the efficiency of Hänel storage solutions that are now in operation at small and medium-sized enterprises!

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Intralogistics 4.0 - Digitization and network connectivity with the Hänel storage systems 

The brochure highlights case studies based on innovative Hänel solutions for the digital world

Order picking with Augmented Reality
The storage system is operated remotely via AR eyeglasses – no other operator action is necessary. All relevant information is displayed in the data eyeglasses – system operation is initiated through Pick-by-Voice.

Direct integration of Hänel systems in various ERP solutions via SOAP protocol
Hänel has further enhanced its controllers with a SOAP web service interface. Web-based technology enables the implementation of a link between the Hänel controller and many ERP solutions – for example, SAP – without any middleware.

More controller and software highlights from Hänel

Integrated web server
All warehouse data can be called up via the IT network thanks to the integrated web server and standard browsers.

Onboard warehouse management
The MP 12 N-S, MP 14 N and the central MP 100 D controllers all have full-scale integrated warehouse management functionalities – no additional PC is required.

One control system – four operating modes
Four different modes of operation in one controller make integration in your network easy.


The MP14N new control system
New ease of operation and typical Hänel high quality with a 12-inch touch display. The virtual alpha keyboard is displayed clearly on the touchscreen.

The powerful software package that can be tailored to each customer’s needs thanks to useful configuration options and a range of standard modules.

Hänel Smart Picking
Perfect integration of the Hänel Rotomat® in Pick-by-Light and Put-to-Light orderpicking systems

Hänel Tool Management
The ideal solution for your tool management.

Warehouse Management System WMS
The complete solution for complex warehouse management with Hänel storage systems – from incoming goods to dispatch.

Hänel’s digital world offers innovative solutions that address the demands of tomorrow!