Robotic Handling

Robotic intralogistics and storage with the Hänel Lean-Lift® 

Hänel specialists collaborated with Baumann Automation to develop an innovative solution for robotic handling and storage processes

For more than 60 years the name ‘Hänel’ has stood for innovative solutions in automated materials handling. Modern production processes in an ever-changing business environment require the deployment of trendsetting technologies in all kinds of industries. Innovation and creativity are both decisive factors when it comes to smart production solutions such as high-mix/low- volume manufacturing.

In recent years developments in robotics and automation solutions have experienced a massive surge as more and more industries adopt efficient applications.

Hänel specialists collaborated with Baumann Automation to successfully develop fully automated put and pick processes for Hänel Lean-Lift® systems with support from a mobile robot.

Robot and Hänel Lean-Lift® – optimal automated warehouse storage
A demonstration system equipped with a touchscreen was developed for trade fairs which enables users to retrieve a can of chips from storage. The robot – which is comprised of a driverless transport system and an articulated arm – performs the pick operation launched from the touchscreen. The robot autonomously removes the can from the Hänel multifunction container and then brings the can directly to the user.

The orchestrated interaction between lift system and robot unleashes huge potential for diverse industry applications.

Similar systems are already being used to automatically pick and transport injection molds, fixtures, tools and adapters for electrical device tests to and from production lines. For example, the robot can bring packages that have been opened on the production line back to the storage system and put them back into inventory.

The Hänel Lean-Lift® can also be used for fully automated buffer storage of items between various steps in manufacturing processes.

Humans and robots working together
The mobile robot system performs tasks autonomously and moves from one workplace or production area to the next on its own.

In the future humans and robots will be working together in teams. The robots are equipped with integrated laser scanners, enabling them to move autonomously, safely and precisely among their human counterparts at work.

They can also do heavy work or monotonous tasks. There is also an additional advantage of this new Hänel technology: Humans and robots will be able to stand side by side and pick items from the same automated storage system.

Hänel specialists are constantly working on future-centric solutions.

Hänel is already shaping the future by showing how innovative intralogistics solutions – combined with intelligent software – can sustainably optimize efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness.