Our warehouse management system now features a new dashboard

HänelSoft®-N provides you with maximum functionality combined with modern user guidance to achieve maximum efficiency with your warehouse management

HänelSoft®-N is a powerful software package that can be optimally adapted to your specific requirements. The perfect interaction between HänelSoft® and the Hänel lift controllers guarantees efficient storage operations.

The new dashboard presents the relevant information at a glance

The new dashboard widgets allow users to keep track of key information at a glance. Important information such as occupancy and inventory levels can be recorded quickly and concisely. The widgets can be displayed either as a list or graph and offer detailed insights into stock movements, order status, and item information.

Every user also has access to a personalized dashboard where they can create customized overviews and analyses. In addition, the dashboard can also be easily accessed via external URL function.

HänelSoft®-N stands for: Effortless integration into the IT infrastructure, high functionality, clear user guidance, and an optimum price-performance ratio.

Here are some successful examples from practice