Reliable refrigeration

For users who require a portion of their inventory to be stored in a refrigerated or frozen state as opposed to their entire inventory,  Hänel Storage Systems, Pittsburgh, Pa., offers ColdCell, a comprehensive re-engineering of a Hänel carousel or lift to allow for refrigerated storage down to 5°F.

The interior is redesigned to allow for additional air circulation, while the exterior is encased within a heavily insulated cell that maintains the full storage capacity. Plus, the refrigeration hardware and controls are custom-designed to include digital displays with access control, programmable thermostats and redundant backup systems to ensure uninterrupted operation when storing sensitive inventory.

"One of the trends driving today’s market is the need for customized solutions that allow integration with a myriad of software systems. Inventory management programs are intelligent systems for computerized handling of warehouse processes," says David Phillips, marketing manager for Hänel Storage Systems. "Automated equipment runs faster and more efficiently than manually operated equipment. In the case of AS/RS equipment, staff can pick and place more product in less time with fewer people for significant time savings."