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Error-free access

Tool storage

Hänel Management of C items

Error-free access with article code input via keyboard or barcode scanner

Compartment doors that are closed manually or automatically guarantee reliable access and protect the stored articles from unauthorized retrieval.

When components that look identical, such as microchips, are to be stored and retrieved in the same system, the danger of mix-ups is high. With the Hänel Lockomat® there is no need for time-consuming labeling of components. Each chip type is kept in a package marked with a barcode and put into a storage location with the same code in the Locko mat®. When the barcode has been scanned in from the pick list, the required package is brought to the user by a fully automated procedure.

No mix-ups possible.

Each package is safely stored behind a specific electromagnetically locked compartment door. And only this door opens. Only when the retrieval process is completed, the package is back in its storage location and the door is closed, will the next door open.

Tool storage in the Hänel Lockomat®:

Safe, secure, fast and cost-effective!

The Hänel Lockomat® is the ideal storage system for safe and secure provisioning of tools and measuring devices right in the production hall!

Users confirm their authorization by means of an ID card, password or transponder. Then a personalized user interface appears on the display. This means that all transactions can be traced to a specific user. Multiple users with various authorizations can also be set up.

Tool management
Tools are retrieved or put into storage by manually entering a tool number or scanning a barcode. The digital LED indicator on the work counter indicates the compartment in which the tool is stored. Then the specified compartment door opens automatically.

All pick and put operations are logged, which makes later verification and tracking easy. There is also no confusion when retrieving similar-looking tools.

Hänel Management of C items

In recent years the subject of tool management has been a matter of keen interest in all types of industries. And we can expect tool kitting and provisioning “as a service” to become even more important in the future. When manufacturing plants need to be supplied with tools around the clock, the Hänel Lockomat® in conjunction with Hänel TDM software is the ideal tool provisioning system.

Benefits at a glance:

  • 24-hour tool availability.
  • Constant inventory control.
  • No downtime due to missing tools.
  • Secure storage of valuable tools.
  • Transparent cost control.
  • Secure access with employee authorization.
  • Accurate retrieval of similarlooking tools.
  • Fully automated tool provisioning.
  • Convenient handling.

Protect your tools from dirt, damage and unauthorized access!