Hänel Multi-Space® Vertical Lift Module

Storage principle

The Hänel Multi-Space® principle:
With simultaneous horizontal and vertical movement, the articles are stowed away in the Hänel Multi-Space® by the quickest route.

  1. Extractor of lightweight construction
    dimensionally stable and scalable
  2. 4-chain technology
    for optimum guidance and precise positioning of the extractor
  3. Integrated slot profile
    for height-optimized storage of the containers
  4. Multifunction containers
    from 551 lbs/250 kg to 1,102 lbs/500 kg payload
  5. Light-barrier curtains
    ensure maximum safety for operating personnel
  6. High-speed door
    safeguarding the access point at the rear
  7. Height-detection sensors
    to determine the height of stored articles
  8. Inspection doors
    positioned conveniently and safely on both sides
  9. Hänel microprocessor control unit
    positioned ergonomically at the side
  10. Interior lighting
    integrated lighting unit in each access point (optional)
  11. Switch box
    the electronics are housed in a clear layout
  12. Environmentally friendly powder-based finish
    gives 50 % higher scuff resistance
  13. Soft start control with frequency converter

The advantages at a glance!

The profile wall

The Hänel height sensors

Multifunction containers

The Hänel profile wall

Appealing design, convincing functionality

Hänel is the inventor of the profile wall – with over 15 years of experience!

  • The slot profile is a built-in fixed wall with integrated slots in 75 mm/2.95″ steps, and is the ultimate solution for achieving optimal space-saving storage.
  • The profile wall with its high stability and precision is fixed to the rectangular profiles at the factory.

The Hänel height sensors

in steps of 25 mm/0.98’’, 37.5 mm/1.47’’ and 75 mm/2.95’’

Different height-measuring light barriers, designed to match each model’s slot profile exactly, measure the inventory items and store the container according to the respective height without any loss of space!

With the Hänel space-saving pitch, the distortion-free Hänel multifunction containers and the optimization run you will achieve maximum compaction of the storage volume.

Let the air out of your store!


Hänel multifunction containers

  • Full-length, integrated supports offer optimum utilization of the storage height with maximum rigidity.

  • Five container widths and four container depths available – 20 different container dimensions possible.

  • Containers with a payload capacity of 250 kg/551 lbs or 500 kg/1,102 lbs.

  • Containers with 75 mm/2.95″  single pitch or with multiple pitch at 37.5 mm/1.47″ and 25 mm/0.98″ height in conjunction with the Hänel profile wall offer numerous possible combinations.

  • Punched holes for individualized dividers.


The Hänel Multi-Space®

Maximum flexibility

With the rollout of the Multi-Space®, Hänel optimizes the principle of 3-axis storage systems. In addition to the many benefits of Hänel’s Lean-Lift® technology, the Hänel Multi-Space® offers maximum flexibility, speed, and space utilization.

Maximum flexibility

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, Hänel is able to offer a 3-axis storage system that is over 9 m wide. The Hänel Multi-Space® can even vary its width and height to meet later needs – a new feature from Hänel! Even the number of access points is variable and can be altered at any time. Along with the different container widths and depths, this results in the most versatile of combination possibilities.

Optimum space utilization

The variable positioning of the access openings makes optimal integration into already existing storerooms possible. Previously inaccessible areas can be integrated into a storage concept without difficulty. And the Hänel slot profile combined with the Hanel multifunction containers are the ideal prerequisites for compact, heightoptimized storage.

Time saved

No waiting – one operator can perform order picking at two access points! At units with two access openings, users can retrieve at one and store at the other simultaneously!

The right decision

If you want to improve your intralogistics concept and reduce costs, you should talk to the specialists at Hänel first. They will work with you to develop your own ‘tailor-made intralogistics concept’.

The Hänel Multi-Space offers optimum space utilization, short distances between the access points and many varied combination possibilities

Modular design

  1. Hänel Multi-Space® – the variable storage concept – enabling post-installation scalability.
  2. There are no upward limits to the Hänel Multi-Space®. The units can be combined to extend through multiple floors.
  3. Additional storage capacity thanks to maximum space utilization.


The pluses

  • Modular scalability with the use of additional storage units (payload up to 40 tons per unit)!
  • Unique extractor design in state-of-the-art lightweight construction (as used in bridge engineering) ensures maximum stability.
  • The Hänel Multi-Space® offers modular scalability in height and width – up to a total width of over 29 ft / 9 meters.
  • Variable container widths, different payload capacities and the Hänel multiple pitch ensure the optimal solution for any challenge to compact storage.