Sterile Processing Department (SPD) storage

Storage with contamination prevention

AdventHealth Hospital in Altamonte, Florida, has 2,300 employees and the very latest medical equipment, including innovative screening technologies, to provide comprehensive medical care in central Florida. The hospital also relies on several Hänel Rotomat® systems. 

Fast provisioning of operating room material on demand is guaranteed because one Rotomat® storage system is located just a few steps away from the OR area. To ensure that this system would provide maximum storage volume, it was installed in a shaft having a depth of 20 ft / 6 m. Since the system has a total height of 26 ft/8 m, an enormous amount of storage capacity is available within a minimum footprint. 

Storage of sterile instruments 

The Hänel Rotomat® is used to store surgical instruments in sterile containers to protect them from all kinds of contamination. The retrieval of these containers takes place at the optimum ergonomic height. 

Barcode-supported access control with HänelSoft® 

The storage system is operated with HänelSoft® storage management software. Access control is supported through barcode scanning of employee IDs and contributes to the transparency and security of all storage transactions. 

Once logged in, employees enter the item designation using the system terminal to retrieve the article they need. The overview displayed can then be used to select the correct storage position. The sterile containers are transported to the access point quickly, and items can be retrieved for the OR without any chance of errors. 

Four other Rotomat® systems are in operation at the hospital’s central supply depot. These automated systems are used to store various medical products and utensils needed to provide nursing care. The storage capacity has been increased considerably because movable shelf racks are no longer needed. 

All of the lift systems are controlled via HänelSoft® which makes put and pick operations, as well as inventory management, much easier. The storage positions and items on inventory are identified with HänelSoft® and then displayed on the lift control terminal.


601 E Altamonte Drive
Altamonte Springs
FL 32701


Storage systems:
5 Hänel Rotomat® storage carousels

Items stored:
Sterile OR material and surgical instruments