Aircraft maintenance document archives

Optimizing Archive Storage

Air Cost Control is a global specialist in the distribution of electrical aircraft components. At the company's distribution center near Toulouse, France, more than 20 Hänel systems are used store up to 25,000 parts and components required for aircraft maintenance.

Air Cost Control also relies on Hänel expertise and technology when it comes to document archiving. All business documents are filed centrally in a Hänel Multi-Space® system equipped with a dual retrieval point.

On the ground floor employees have access to files of relevance to goods received and dispatched. The workplaces are situated close to the intralogistics systems and the central document archive in the Multi-Space® – short walking distances speed up document retrieval.

The intelligent Hänel lift controller, with integrated archive management, efficiently keeps track of all files, folders and archive boxes. When a request is entered on the controller, the required documents are brought to the retrieval area by the quickest route. Employees do not have to walk long distances to find documents.

Thanks to the variable compartment divisions of the multifunction containers in the Multi-Space®, storing ring binders, folders or archive boxes is not a problem.

Variable attachments and dividers are available for optimal and secure utilization of system storage space. At the same time, documents are protected from dust and dirt.

The configuration at Air Cost Control has a third retrieval point on the first floor which is used by employees responsible for administration and customer support. Thanks to the dual access installed for two floors, the Hänel Multi-Space® brings documents to locations where they are needed by employees. Safe and simultaneous access to the document archive is supported by the Hänel high-speed door.

What's more, Hänel archive management can be used for allocating codes to any number of multifunction containers to prevent unauthorized access. Thus specific sections of the archive can only be accessed by authorized persons or departments. Employees must enter the numerical code to retrieve the documents.

High-performance archiving and central access make the Hänel Multi-Space® the perfect choice for modern office environments.