Aircraft component storage

Optimizing aircraft parts storage

The international aerospace industry is yet another sector in which Hänel is a reliable partner when it comes to optimizing storage processes

Air Cost Control is a global specialist in the distribution of electrical aircraft components. One of its clients is the German-French aircraft consortium AIRBUS.

Air Cost Control offers direct access to thousands of individual parts and complex aircraft components. A large number of these are always in stock and available to the customers at all times. To cope with this demanding logistical task, the company worldwide relies on the powerful and versatile storage systems from Hänel.

In its distribution centers in Germany, France and the US, Air Cost Control operates a total of 37 Hänel storage systems. The distribution center in L’Isle-Jourdain in France uses 12 Hänel Lean-Lifts®, 12 Hänel Rotomat® industrial carousels and one Hänel Multi-Space®. Up to 25,000 parts and components are safely stored and logged in the Hänel systems where they can be retrieved instantly for the clients.

Thanks to direct access to the items, short walking distances and the ability of one person to work at multiple retrieval points in parallel, processing times can be drastically reduced.

The Hänel Lean-Lift® is the optimum storage system for medium to large-sized components. The containers and storage boxes are dimensioned so that the available container space is used to best advantage.

Individual inserts and frame attachments allow virtually any articles to be stored compactly on the Hänel multifunction containers. Cable drums, for example, can be accommodated without any difficulty. When goods are stowed away in the Hänel Lean-Lift® or the Hänel Multi-Space®, their height is measured first, then they are placed in the optimum slot so that no space is lost.

This makes very efficient use of the available storage area!

The 12 Hänel Rotomat® carousels work on the time-proven Ferris wheel principle. And the requested items are brought automatically to the ergonomic retrieval height. Individual carriers with pull-out plastic bins are ideal for storing large numbers of highly varied small parts.

Each carrier can be adapted as required depending on the inventory. Thanks to the wear-resistant stainless steel work counter, the plastic storage bins are easy to slide and move – ergonomics in its purest form!

The link between inventory management software and Hänel lift controller turns the system into a high-performance network.

Details of all the articles are saved in the inventory management software along with their storage locations and quantities. Orders are displayed directly at the terminals and can be processed there.

A graphical storage-location display on the terminals and the digital compartment indicator at the retrieval point ensure error-free access to the required articles. Barcodes also make it easy to cross-check and confirm the order. At the same time, dispatch documents and labels for onward shipment are printed out via the networked barcode reader.

Interoperation between host systems and peripheral devices – no problem for the Hänel specialists!

For file, folder and document archiving, Air Cost Control uses a Hänel Multi-Space®. Two retrieval points connect the parts depot to the administrative offices and enable direct access to the documents where they are needed. 

By using different Hänel systems, Air Cost Control achieves maximum optimization of its storage processes.

Efficient use of space, direct and rapid access to the requested items and documents, parallel working at multiple units, and powerful automation thanks to an interface with the IT system, are the resultant benefits.

All these advantages make Hänel storage systems so cost-effective!