Compact storage for Aircraft parts

Safe and Reliable storage

Allaero Limited, founded in 1988 and located between London’s Gatwick and Heathrow airports, delivers high-quality aviation products. The portfolio includes a complete range of aircraft replacement parts such as engines, auxiliary power units and wing components. Additional items such as oils, lubricants and sealants and diverse hardware components are also offered. 

Originally the company relied on a simple pallet storage concept, but after just a few years Allaero was confronted with a number of issues. Parts retrieval was not ergonomic, and the capacity for storing components of varying sizes and shapes was reaching its limits. Even after the installation of two Hänel Lean-Lifts® in 2009, the need for storage space to accommodate aircraft parts continued to grow. Today 12 Hänel Lean-Lifts® are in operation at the company’s site in Crawley. 

To store large components safely and reliably, two Hänel lifts were equipped with an extra-high access point. Components measuring up to 1,350 mm in height can be stored in the systems with a high degree of ergonomics, not to mention space savings. The Hänel Lean-Lift® is especially well-suited for storing small and medium-sized parts. Customized system mechanisms for storing components like wheels and landing gear make the Hänel Lean-Lift® a universal storage solution. Another advantage for employees is the extraordinary ease of use derived from the ergonomic provisioning of various aircraft components. Accurate identification of items in storage is ensured with appropriate labeling. 

The storage system cluster is managed centrally with the MP 100 D control system. A complete inventory list of all the items stored in each lift system can be requested at any time from the control terminal. Thus employees have a complete and updated overview of the storage situation at all times. 

Three Lean-Lifts® equipped with EcoDrive® optimize the energy footprint of warehouse operations through intelligent energy recovery. 

For storing complete aircraft wings, one extra-wide Lean-Lift® is being added to the Hänel cluster. 

Next year Allaero will achieve its ultimate goal of having its complete range of products stored exclusively in Hänel lift systems. The fast provisioning of items enables Allaero to fill and ship orders within just 15 minutes after receipt. 

The Allaero site is close to all major freight companies, including FedEx, UPS and the 24-hour AOG Service, thus contributing to the company’s reputation as a reliable and trust-worthy partner for all customers.

Even the new Allaero headquarters building relies on intralogistics solutions from Hänel!

Allaero Limited

Hawker House, Link 10 Napier Way, Crawley West Sussex, RH10 9RA UK


Storage systems:
2 Hänel Lean-Lifts®

Items stored:
Aircraft components and spare parts

„The investment in Hänel Lean-Lifts® allows us to store our inventory safely and ecologically – while also enabling us to improve our performance. Furthermore, the space-saving Hänel storage systems have been vital in maintaining our facilities here in Crawley, despite rapid business growth over the past five years.“

Simon Greasley
Managing Director