BOERS & CO PRECISION SOLUTIONS, Fokkerstraat 495, 3125 BD Schiedam, Netherlands

The Hänel Lean-Lift® as central system for process-optimized production and warehousing

With the ERP interface in HänelSoft®-N production, assembly and shipping departments all benefit from the modern and flexible Hänel intralogistics solution

At its site in Schiedam, the Netherlands, Boers & Co Precision Solutions manufactures precision parts for complex mechanical applications such as ultra-modern medical exoskeletons. The company consolidates the unique expertise of several different departments under one roof. For years now Boers & Co has been operating flexible vertical lifts from Hänel in a number of business units.

When planning a new building extension, managers included an additional Hänel intralogistics solution right from the start. Two high-speed versions of the Hänel Lean-Lift® are located in the modern shipping department where they store finished products and components that are ready for delivery. Both lift systems have a second retrieval access point and thus serve as a “bridge” between the assembly area on the upper floor with the shipping department on the ground floor. The Hänel systems have a height of 26.3 ft/8 m to provide transparent and space-saving storage for finished products awaiting shipment.

Components and small parts for the assembly department are also neatly stored in the lifts and made available to employees through the ERP system.

Seamless integration of the customer’s ERP system and HänelSoft®-N

Thanks to the latest control technology, Hänel Lean-Lift® solutions can be seamlessly integrated in existing IT infrastructures. Linking the Lean-Lift® systems to the Epicor ERP system used throughout Boers & Co was an absolute must. This ensures direct communication between HänelSoft®-N and Epicor.

The Hänel MP 14 N controller, in conjunction with the intuitive user interface of HänelSoft®-N, offers high levels of convenience and ease of use. Job orders are set up in Epicor and then sent to the lift systems. The user can start the job order directly on the touchscreen of the MP 14 N controller. The Hänel Lean-Lift® transports the requisite items to the ergonomically designed access point for retrieval. The routing in this process is optimized to save time.

Fast and error-free order picking with Hänel Pick-o-Light®-Vario

To support employees and minimize picking errors, Hänel Pick-o-Light®-Vario highlights the pick item location on the container when it arrives at the access point. The Hänel multifunction container is also shown on the controller display at the same time. The user confirms the completed pick directly on the controller. The Hänel Lean-Lift® then transports the next item to the access point for retrieval. Inventory data is automatically updated in Epicor. When all of the requested items are on the picking cart, the user closes the job order at the lift – the job is also closed in Epicor simultaneously.

For many years now Boers & Co has been operating two other Hänel Lean-Lift® systems for tool management in the Precision Machining Department.

Flexible and transparent tool organization in the Hänel Lean-Lift® on the production floor

A Hänel Lean-Lift® in StandAlone mode serves as the central tool provisioning system for the surrounding production area. Complete warehouse management is already integrated in the Hänel MP 14 N-StandAlone controller as a standard feature. Machine operators use the lift controller to request the tools they need. 

The proper container is then transported directly to the retrieval access point. Hänel Pick-o-Light®-Vario clearly identifies the location of the requested tool.

The tool maintenance department is located behind the lift system, which has an additional access point at the back. After use tools are inspected and then returned to the Lean-Lift® at this access point. The Hänel high-speed door enables parallel use of both access points.

Another Hänel Lean-Lift® located in the second production area functions as a tool depot. Once again full usage of the height available – from floor to ceiling – saves valuable space on the production floor. At the same time expensive tools are safely and reliably stored in the lift and can be retrieved ergonomically.

This solution even gives shift employees access to the complete inventory of tools.

Boers & Co Precision Solutions is known for optimized and well-designed business processes. Hänel intralogistic solutions are a perfect fit for the company’s philosophy.

"The seamless interface between HänelSoft®-N and our ERP systems is crucial for Boers & Co. This interaction supports the flexible and efficient storage of numerous finished products and components for our complex assemblies."

Ronald Koot,