Distribution center picking application with pick to light and put to light direction

Hanel Lean-lift High Performance picking application

Together with Groenewout Consulting in Breda and Hänel intralogistics experts, Brezan designed a very efficient storage solution for small parts – and the design of the systems is also stylish and appealing. 

18 Hänel Lean-Lifts® with a customized special premium finish and designed for smooth and efficient logistics are the eye-catching highlight of the Brezan distribution center. The lift systems utilize the entire height of the warehouse building and thus provide a huge amount of storage capacity directly next to the pallet storage area. 

The Pick and Drop to Light system has been perfected in this solution. Pick lists are transmitted via central software directly to the lift systems. The systems are clustered in groups each having three storage units, each with a specific colour (red, green or blue). The colours are displayed on the controllers and on special display screens mounted above the access points. 

Boxes containing customer orders are organized on pick trolleys which are positioned directly opposite each lift group. The system knows which orders in the trolley need to be processed and automatically brings the right containers to the access point of the storage lifts.

Operator safety is ensured during the automated process thanks to a threshold switch and photoelectric light curtain positioned just in front of the access point. 

A diode lights up above the order picking boxes – the colour of the diode indicates which lift has the required article. The operator thus knows from which lift system the item must be retrieved. At the retrieval area Hänel Pick-o-Light®-Vario shines a light beam on the required item so that order picking errors are nearly impossible. The number of articles to be picked is shown on the control display. 

The picked items are placed in the order box, and the employee confirms each pick. Then the diode changes colour to show which lift contains the next article on the pick list. The container in the Hänel Lean-Lift® automatically returns to its original position and is ready to deliver the next item to the retrieval area. 

When running at full capacity, four employees can operate 18 Hänel Lean-Lifts® at the same time thanks to the Pick and Drop to Light system – it’s all fast and error-free.