Climate controlled pharmaceutical storage

Hänel Rotomat Vertical Carousel

Bern, Switzerland

CSL Behring AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medications derived from blood plasma.

At locations in Bern (Switzerland), Marburg (Germany) and Kankakee (USA), production facilities equipped with the latest technology manufacture valuable medications in compliance with international standards governing safety and quality.

GMP guidelines

According to the strict GMP quality assurance guidelines, sufficient reference samples must be taken for every batch of medication produced just in case retesting may be required, and the identification number of the product and the package insert leaflet must be archived for one year after the product expiration date.

Each step is documented with special software each time the employee scans the QR code above the retrieval point.

Automated Storage

In the past the storage of sensitive reference samples of medications was a manual process – today six vertical Hänel Rotomat® systems are used. All of these automated systems are operated in a cluster based on the latest warehouse management software.

Climate control/air conditioning

The air conditioning and ventilation system in the Hänel systems keeps the storage temperature at a constant 68 °F. Every hour approx. 523 cubic yards of air is exchanged in each Rotomat®.

The systems are enclosed to ensure optimal climate control. Special indicators above the lift systems light up to show when a put or pick operation is being carried out on a specific Rotomat®. When the system stops rotating, the indicator goes off and a sliding door on the Rotomat® opens automatically.

The samples are kept in some 33,000 bottles at 67,000 positions on the Hänel multifunction carriers, where they are protected from light and dust.

The cluster comprising six climatecontrolled Hänel Rotomat® systems offers space-saving, flexible and secure storage for the reference samples of medications at CSL Behring AG!