Auto dealership parts storage

Hänel storage systems for spare parts on-site at major car dealership

Earnhardt Ford employs 210 people in Chandler, Arizona, and is part of the Earnhardt Auto Centers business. Three Hänel Rotomat® systems and one highspeed Hänel Lean-Lift® are operated in the dealership’s distribution center. 

The small footprint of Hänel solutions saves floor space and reduces the cost of storage 

The Hänel intralogistics solutions were installed to utilize valuable floor space more effectively. The Hänel Lean-Lift® and Rotomat® systems fully utilize the vertical space available – from floor to ceiling. Maximum capacity within a small footprint is possible thanks to height-optimized storage. 

Neat storage for a diverse range of items 

The lift systems are used to store many kinds of small items, spare parts and engine components. Unlike rack solutions, the Hänel lifts provide safe and secure storage for all parts. 

The flexible Hänel Rotomat® has space for the optimal storage of bins in various sizes, making it the perfect automated storage solution for a wide range of automotive parts. The versatile Hänel Lean-Lift® can even handle large parts and bulky components stored on Hänel multifunction containers.

MP-Link 2.0 as the interface between the dealer’s management system and HänelSoft® 

Earnhardt Ford relies on HänelSoft® in conjunction with the CDK Global dealer management system used by car dealerships for warehouse management. MP-Link 2.0 software serves as the interface between CDK Global and the Hänel lifts. This gives employees a complete overview of the entire parts inventory at all times. The web interface provides information about the inventory journal, stock levels and the status of pick lists. 

Fast and accurate picking thanks to Hänel compartment and sub-level indicators 

Employees use a barcode scanner to read the pick lists and send data to the Hänel Rotomat® – which then brings the carrier holding the requested part to the access point for retrieval. The integrated LED compartment and sub-level indicators show the exact location of each requested item. Once retrieval is confirmed, the system automatically brings the carrier holding the next item on the pick list to the access point.

The Hänel systems have enabled Earnhardt Ford to gain valuable storage space without any need for additional rack or shelf solutions!

"Our Hänel units’ large storage capacity allows us to reduce the space needed for other types of storage, and reduce the need for additional racking."

John Nissen,
General Manager