Order processing with pick to light

Hänel Lean-Lift Vertical Lift Module

First Choice Catering provides spare parts for the catering business and offers the most complete range of products for this market segment in Great Britain 

In addition to items from all major manufacturers, the company also supplies tools and consumables as part of an expanding offer that includes refrigeration systems, environmental solutions and much more. 

Fast order picking with the Hänel Pick-o-Light® system 

The 12 Lean-Lifts® are linked up with the company’s ERP system via an SQL database. 

Orders are automatically assigned job numbers that also indicate where specific items are stored inside the lift systems. When the barcode on a box is read by a scanner located at the upstream end of the conveyor system, this box is directly allocated to a job order. Employees use manual scanners that operate within clusters comprised of three lift systems. Once a box is being processed, the lift automatically brings the required container to the access point for item retrieval. 

The company relies on the Hänel Pick-o-Light® system to speed up order picking with the Lean-Lifts®. This system clearly locates items on a container by shining a beam of light on them. 

For many years First Choice Catering Spares Limited has been using this system, which accounts for much of the company’s success. The new First Choice headquarters building will include a cluster of 20 lift systems, each with a height of 12 meters, that will supplement the capacity of current warehouse operations.

First Choice Catering Spares Limited

Unit 1 Swaffield Park Hyssop Close, Hawks Green, Cannock Staffordshire, WS11 7FU


Storage systems:
12 Hänel Lean-Lifts®

Items stored:
Spare parts and accessories for the catering segments

'First Choice Group has been using Hänel lifts for many years and will continue doing so to promote business growth.'

Carl Bate