H. Beligné & Fils S.A.S., ZI Les Nouvelles Franchises, Rue des Ageottes, 52200 Langres, France

Perfection in dispatch handling with 16 Hänel Lean-Lifts® and a powerful software solution

The Hänel Lean-Lifts® help the small logistics team to achieve impressive pick rates and ensure optimum dispatch handling

H. Beligné & Fils S.A.S. is a 400-year-old family business based on the Plateau de Langres, the historical home of knife manufacturing in France. The company is a leading distributor of the major local and international cutlery brands on the French market. The company has employed Hänel storage solutions since 2005 as a means of efficiently distributing its extensive product range.

Hänel Lean-Lifts® optimize shipping, boosting efficiency, reliability and ergonomics

Beligné has decided to build the core of its central dispatch warehouse around 16 Hänel Lean-Lifts®. These systems are used to pick a vast range of knives. Only one employee is needed at each of the eight vertical lifts and yet they can still handle the orders efficiently. Using the specifically tailored IT solution, the orders are combined for each lift group and the movement commands are transmitted directly to all eight lifts in this group via remote control. Each lift independently moves the container with the required item to the removal point. The employee then removes the articles and confirms the removal via the MP 12 N controller. Then the lift automatically transports the next container to the access point for removal.


This sophisticated process enables fast and precise picking. In addition, working with multiple lifts in parallel saves an enormous amount of time as this solution eliminates waiting times.

Customized IT solution for optimized warehouse organization

Beligné enjoys numerous benefits from the systematic order picking thanks to the intelligent connection of its warehouse management software to the Hänel Lean-Lift® dispatch warehouse. This system always keeps the inventory up to date by ensuring that stock resupply orders are triggered automatically in the ERP system. The intelligent remote control of the lifts by the warehouse management software is particularly noteworthy because of its time and route-optimized order picking. Plus, the software provides users with all information at all times, simplifying their day-to-day work.

Reliable removal through optimum storage location identification

Beligné’s Hänel Lean-Lift® solution for picking safeguards low error rates. The Hänel tray and compartment display allows employees to identify storage locations easily and rapidly. This system even supports employees when they work at a fast pace by reliably preventing mix-ups or removal mistakes.

Ergonomics as a success factor

Beligné places major emphasis on safety and ergonomics in the workplace. The ergonomic design of the order picking process with the Hänel Lean-Lift® is also convincing in this regard: Employees can focus on their primary tasks as they do not have to spend unnecessary time walking long distances or searching for items. This enables faster order processing while also boosting productivity and work safety.

Space utilization and storage consolidation are further key advantages of the Hänel solution

Furthermore, the vertical storage provided by the Hänel Lean-Lifts® makes optimum use of the entire hall height, saving valuable space. The efficient storage system enables Beligné to store a large number of items in an exceptionally compact space.

Hänel’s multifunctional containers with different division profiles are another advantage. The flexible design of the storage spaces on the container enables customized storage of items in accordance with their size and shape. This further maximizes space utilization, creating increased overall storage capacity.

As a long-standing Hänel customer, Beligné has continuously benefited from Hänel’s latest technologies and the consistent development of the automated storage systems. Hänel’s experts collaborated closely with Beligné to design a customized dispatch warehouse capable of fulfilling the company’s demanding standards.

Beligné is optimizing its dispatch handling and sustainably increasing both efficiency and customer satisfaction with Hänel’s performance-oriented intralogistics solution.

"Utilizing Hänel Lean-Lifts® with a powerful software solution, we achieve impressive pick rates at Beligné. The high efficiency, safety and ergonomics of Hänel’s intralogistics solutions enable us to achieve perfect dispatch handling and increase customer satisfaction."

Jérôme Beligné,
Managing Director