The Hänel Multi-Space®

Order picking on 7 floors

Thanks to its modular design, the Hänel Multi-Space® can be adapted to fit any situation.

vogel-hemer is a leading electrical engineering company near Dortmund, Germany, specializing in the maintenance and modernization of industrial systems. The company offers customers a wide range of services, from repair work to complete system overhaul. It also supplies well-known business enterprises with new electronic components, such as pumps, drive units and electric motors.

To meet growing business and storage demands, especially for spare parts and components, Vogel expanded its floor space up to some 6,000 m2. The Multi-Space® from Hänel plays a decisive role in the efficiency of the new warehouse infrastructure.

A tower-like shaft with a height of more than 25 meters is located at the center of the newly constructed building. This shaft rises from the foundation and extends upward to a special expanded section of the roof. The Hänel Multi-Space® is completely integrated in the shaft through all 7 floors in the building.

With a height of some 25 meters and being nearly 6 meters wide, the Hänel Multi-Space® provides a remarkable storage area of some 550 m2 with a footprint that is just 24 m2. The Hänel Multi-Space® can hold up to 120 tons of stored goods while delivering maximum efficiency and saving space at the same time. The storage system, with a total of 6 retrieval points, is located in the center of the building and serves 5 different floors, so that employees in the receiving area, as well as those in the supervisory and administrative offices, have direct access to the total volume of stored items.

The modular design, plus the options for flexible positioning of several retrieval areas in the infrastructure, make the Hänel Multi-Space® the perfect storage system for this unique logistics concept. The unique three-axis design of the extractor moves the requested multifunction containers from the storage position to the specified retrieval point with remarkable speed. Thanks to the high-speed features of this system, a total of 270 warehouse containers can be retrieved at very high rates.

What’s more, an industrial storage system with these dimensions is also energy efficient and contributes to sustainability thanks to Hänel EcoDrive® technology. A frequency converter ensures that as much as 40 % of the energy required for each upward run of the extractor can be fed back into the power supply network each time the extractor descends.

The Hänel Multi-Space® also makes for smooth and efficient shipping and receiving by supporting balanced order picking and inventory replenishment. Dual retrieval points mean that employees can fill several orders at the same time. And the Hänel high-speed door makes sure that individual access points are always safe and secure. Thus, at one access point items can be put into storage, while at another the operator can retrieve an additional container.

Manfred Vogel and Jürgen Vogel
Managing Directors


58675 Hemer, Germany

approx. 150

Electrical engineering, mechatronics, control technology

Storage systems:
1 Hänel Multi-Space®

Items stored: 
Electric motors, hoists, pumps, frequency converters and electronic components

The containers can be pulled right out of the access point so that they rest on the support rails. This is an important feature – even the heaviest electric motors can be moved ergonomically with a crane and placed on the containers, with no obstacles to get in the way.

One of the retrieval points is located near the supervisory office on the first floor. Due to its proximity to the workshops and the short walking distances, parts and components are quickly available when needed.

In addition to assembly components and service parts, vogel-hemer also keeps all of its office materials, cleaning products and tools in the Hänel Multi-Space®. This saves space in the offices and workshops, and consumables are always available right where they are needed.

The flexible Hänel Multi-Space® provides spacesaving and height-optimized storage for all kinds of items. Up to 100,000 articles can be stored intelligently thanks to Hänel lift control technology. The desired containers are requested using the control terminals ergonomically mounted at the side of all 6 storage systems.

Access to specific containers is guided by the Hänel access code management system. This protects individual storage areas from unauthorized access – the operator must first enter a PIN to gain access to stored items.

Since the Hänel Multi-Space® is completely integrated in the building and hardly accessible from the outside, enhanced fire protection is an important aspect. That is why Hänel engineers developed an effective fire extinguishing system especially for vogel-hemer. In the event of a fire, a network of pipes fills the entire Hänel Multi-Space® system with nitrogen gas. This fire extinguishing method is preferable to using water because nitrogen will not damage any of the articles in storage.

Due to its flexible storage capacity and compact footprint, the Hänel Multi-Space® is easily integrated in existing building infrastructures. Direct access to stored items takes place on-site, where the articles are actually needed. Thus the Hänel Multi-Space® combines all of the advantages of Hänel industrial lift technology in one system.

Hänel Multi-Space® – the new definition of vertical lift technology from Hänel!