Hänel Rotomat® systems speed up shipping processes

at Hänel Precision Gears

Since its founding in 1967, our sister company Hänel Precision Gears has been manufacturing high-quality components in Bad Friedrichshall, Germany. Continuous investment in state-of-the-art production facilities is the basis for Hänel's exceptional product quality. 

Two heavy-duty Hänel Rotomat systems are increasing the speed of processes in the company's shipping department. The vertical carousel lifts provide space-saving storage and support ergonomic retrieval of gears, shafts and drive wheels. 

Direct integration and more speed thanks to prepositioning 

Both Hänel Rotomat storage systems are fully integrated in the production processes. Fast access to finished gears and other components is of vital importance, along with systematic and space-saving storage. 

The lift systems are linked to the Infra-PPS ERP system without any need for additional middleware. Orders are transmitted directly to the storage systems – there are no paper lists – and employees do not have to walk long distances. 

System operators use the MP-12N stand-alone controller to confirm item retrieval on the convenient touch screen.

If items intended for one order are distributed across both Rotomat® systems, the prepositioning feature of the multifunction carriers speeds up the picking process considerably. 

The heavy-duty carriers can handle a payload of more than 580 kg. About 16,000 items are neatly stored in both Hänel Rotomat® systems – the maximum capacity is 9.2 tons. The carriers with fold-down front panels ensure that employees can safely and ergonomically remove even the heaviest items from the Rotomat® systems. 

Low energy consumption, maximum storage capacity, optimized ergonomics 

The Hänel Rotomat® systems are equipped with the intelligent EcoMode® energy management system. This minimizes the energy consumption of the storage systems when they are not in operation. The space-saving and safe storage offered by Hänel Rotomat® systems provides maximum capacity within a minimum footprint. 

The central integration of the heavy-duty storage systems optimizes ergonomics and intelligent routing in the shipping area.