HEBUmedical GmbH, Badstraße 8, 78532 Tuttlingen, Germany

Hänel Multi-Space® and Hänel Lean-Lift® – optimum material flow spanning two levels

Ten Hänel vertical lifts spanning two floors serve as both the production warehouse and the shipping warehouse

At the world center of medical technology in Tuttlingen, HEBUmedical GmbH manufactures the premium end innovative medical products for specialist dealers and clients.

Two Hänel Multi-Space® and a total of eight Hänel Lean-Lifts® are distributed throughout the production hall and form the intralogistics solution capable of organizing more than 9,000 different products.

Maximum storage capacity

The central warehouse is located in an extension to the hall which was specifically designed and constructed to house two Hänel Multi-Space® units. At almost 15 m/49.21 ft high, the two 3-axis storage lifts provide gigantic storage capacity along with the systematic organization of a vast range of medical products.


In addition to these enormous lift dimensions, the height-optimized vertical storage in the Multi-Space® creates significantly more storage capacity while only requiring the same footprint as conventional storage systems. In turn, this saves valuable production space.

Every removal in the Hänel Multi-Space® is secured by a high-speed gate. This enables the employees on each floor to pick goods simultaneously.

Effortless integration into the company SAP network

All of the Hänel lifts at HEBUmedical are equipped with the MP 12 N compact control system. The control system utilize HänelSoft®-N, the powerful warehouse management software. Orders for order picking and item master data from HänelSoft®-N are exchanged in real time with the central SAP Business One system via a standardized HOST interface.


Highly reliable inventory thanks to the integrated warehouse journal

In addition to this storage data, the control system’s warehouse journal records all of the movement data and synchronizes the data with the ERP system. This direct evaluation of the warehouse journal makes all of the warehouse stocks and movements centrally available in SAP at all times, enabling a consistent and highly reliable inventory.

The optimal interaction between HänelSoft®-N and the Hänel lift controllers guarantees efficient storage operations. This is also reflected by the user-friendliness. Users can easily view all of the relevant article information on the control system’s touchscreen. Every storage location also features clear graphical labeling.

The advantages of the combination of an intelligent warehouse system, user-friendly control and ERP-supported management are obvious when handling large customer orders: Every order is managed via a bar code and is started at a picking point. The employees then pick simultaneously at all of the picking points.

During the process, the Hänel Pick-o-Light® and the container overview on the control display support picking without any mistakes. Consequently, all of the articles in the order can be rapidly compiled for shipping to the customer economically and without any errors. This optimized warehousing enables HEBUmedical to organize its extensive product portfolio both efficiently and reliably.

Space-saving buffer storage in the production hall

The company also manufactures sterilization containers with diverse range of designs. These sensitive medical products are stored safely in four additional Hänel Lean-Lifts® directly in the production environment, saving even more space. From here, customer orders are individually compiled and prepared for shipment.

Hänel vertical lifts – practical, flexible, ergonomic

At HEBUmedical, Hänel’s vertical lifts are optimally integrated into the building structure. The selected locations for the Hänel storage lifts already take into consideration future expansion options. The warehouse could be steadily expanded over the years with additional Hänel Lean-Lifts®. This successive expansion enables the specific and flexible adapta-tion of the warehouse to the company’s increasing requirements of this company.

Furthermore, the height-optimized storage safeguards options for the future production while also significantly increasing the storage capacity.

Alongside the external relocation of the Multi-Space® warehouse, the use of two further Hänel Lean-Lifts® also created an additional connection spanning two floors. As a consequence, the Hänel storage systems serve a useful dual function, as almost the entire flow of goods within the company is handled safely and ergonomically via a total of ten Hänel vertical lifts.

The combination of highly effective warehouse processes, user-friendly operation, flexible usage options together with the seamless SAP integration makes Hänel vertical lifts the ideal intralogistics solution for HEBUmedical.

"Hänel is a reliable and longstanding partner who supports us with intelligent logistics solutions. This enables us to rapidly and reliably deliver almost all of the articles in our extensive product range from Tuttlingen to our customers worldwide."

Thomas Butsch,
Managing Director