Helmut Fischer GmbH Institute for Electronics and Metrology, Sindelfingen, Germany

Four Hänel Lean-Lift® systems spanning three floors in conjunction with SAP

The Hänel MP 12 N-HostWeb controller becomes an SAP terminal thanks to the prismat template

Measuring Made Easy – Helmut Fischer GmbH has been developing and manufacturing metrology solutions for industry and laboratory applications since 1953. Today the company has more than 300 employees. Fischer systems can be found wherever precision, reliability and ease of use are of paramount importance. 

Four Hänel Lean-Lift® systems, with a height of 13 m extending upward through three floors, compactly store about 8,000 different items. Goods are received on the ground floor, while orders for the production area are filled on the upper two floors.

Central storage management based on SAP

All items on inventory, including their quantities and storage positions, are recorded in the ERP system and are managed exclusively with SAP. This is possible thanks to the realization of a seamless link between the Hänel Lean-Lift® systems and SAP. 

Picking orders are generated and released directly in SAP. Since the Hänel lifts are connected via SOAP interface, the lift control system is directly linked to SAP. And with the SAP template from prismat, the SAP dialogs are displayed in real time on the high-resolution touchscreens of the controller units. In other words, the Hänel controller itself becomes an SAP terminal.

When an employee uses the controller to select and confirm an item for retrieval, the extractor brings the requisite multifunction container directly to the access point. The storage locations on the multifunction containers are displayed graphically on the controller to help prevent picking errors. 

Each time the Hänel controller is used to confirm item retrieval directly in SAP, the overall inventory status is automatically updated. Each item is given a label and allocated to the appropriate job order. This is then transferred to the production area on the same building floor.

Graphic display of storage positions in the SAP template

Items which are going into inventory are scanned with a barcode reader directly at the storage system. SAP books the item type and quantity before allocating the unoccupied storage positions available in the Lean-Lift®. The requisite multifunction container is brought to the access point.

The SAP template in the Hänel controller gives system operators a graphic presentation of the relevant storage positions on the multifunction containers.

Safe storage of electronic components in Hänel Lean-Lifts® with ESD features 

The Hänel lift systems are used to store very large quantities of electronic components. These Lean-Lift® systems provide ESD protection: The multifunction containers have an antistatic coating that safeguards sensitive electronic components against overvoltage damage. 

Safety is an important factor in all Hänel storage systems; the use of high-speed doors supports simultaneous order picking at all three access points on each lift system.

Another special feature of the Hänel Lean-Lift® systems is a sprinkler and smoke alarm system that ensures quick responses if a fire ever needs to be extinguished. What’s more, the Hänel sliding doors close automatically to prevent drafts from fanning the fire.

Lean-Lift® pallet storage with access on three floors

In addition to the four storage systems that supply items to the production area, a fifth Hänel Lean-Lift® is in operation for pallet storage. Since the access points are flush with the floor, entire pallets can be put into or removed from the lift systems with hand trucks. 

This pallet system also features one access point on each of the building’s three floors, and it is also equipped with Hänel EcoDrive® technology. In the near future this lift system will also be linked up to SAP.

"The Hänel storage lifts – together with SAP – give us extremely efficient warehouse management. We always have our complete inventory under control." 

Armin Bauer,
Warehouse Manager, Helmut Fischer GmbH Institute for Electronics and Metrology