Electronic component storage with ESD protection

Linking up Hänel Rotomat® storage systems with the ABAS host ERP system

IHSE GmbH develops and manufactures highly specialized KVM solutions for a large number of diverse markets.Two Hänel Rotomat® systems in operation at company headquarters near Lake Constance provide safe and secure storage for extremely sensitive electronic modules.

Communication via SOAP interface

At IHSE a seamless link to the ABAS host ERP system was realized. The storage systems communicate via the Hänel integrated SOAP interface (a standard feature) with the company’s ERP system.

The Hänel demo controller makes integration much easier

IHSE was also quite impressed by the fact that the ERP developers were able to simulate the entire link-up process with the Hänel demo controller – long before the storage lifts were actually installed. The advance simulation ensured that the Hänel intralogistics solution could go into productive operation and be smoothly integrated in IHSE processes right from the start.

The Hänel MP 12 N is mounted below the work counter and can be pushed underneath the counter so that item retrieval is ergonomic for employees. Pick lists are generated in ABAS and then scanned with barcode devices at the storage system.

The controller features article pool management and can thus import article data directly from the ERP system. Storage positions are assigned in the Hänel Rotomat® system. After the pick list has been scanned, the Rotomat® automatically starts to bring the requisite carriers to the access point. The Hänel compartment indicator identifies the carrier with the item requested for retrieval. This prevents human errors and speeds up the overall picking process. The controller display shows employees which items to pick, along with the precise quantities. All items on the pick list are brought sequentially to the access point, and employees confirm retrieval directly with the controller.

Data is always accurate and updated with the inventory function of the Hänel MP 12 N controller

All transactions are recorded in the controller journal and, along with the inventory data, synchronized with the ERP system via SOAP interface. All inventory and transaction data resides centrally in ABAS and is available for all appended processes.

The inventory function of the MP 12 N controller, along with the link to the ERP system, supports precise stock control at all times.

Safeguarded ESD storage with the Hänel Rotomat® system

The Hänel intralogistics solution realized at the newly designed IHSE production site provides an enormous amount of storage capacity. Both vertical systems store various electronic modules and front panels needed for final assembly processes.

With its antistatic coating, the Hänel Rotomat® helps protect highly sensitive electronic devices from damage caused by excessive voltage. Hänel systems with ESD protection satisfy all the requirements specified for safeguarding modules from electrostatic discharge. All circuit boards are neatly stored in stackable ESD containers to keep them protected. 

In addition to outstanding service quality, IHSE was also looking for a simple way to link its ERP system to automated storage lifts – and Hänel offered the most compelling intralogistics solution!

"We keep more than six million electronic components in our Hänel Rotomat® storage sys-tems. Our ERP system controls operations so that items can be requested and picked at the touch of a button. This saves time and supports our smart and flexible workflow." 

Dr. Enno Littmann,
Managing Director