Archive and material sample storage

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The ergonomic access point of the Rotomat® office carousel makes for fast, efficient and route-optimized archiving processes.

The Witt Group is one of Europe's leading mail order retailers of clothing and textiles. 
In peak seasons up to 100,000 orders are shipped every day. Witt is a member of the Otto Group and, with its mail order catalog and 19 online shops, does business in 12 countries. 

To cope with expected business growth, the Witt Group has invested heavily in the expansion of its shipping and distribution center in Weiden, Germany. The Witt Group relies on Hänel storage expertise and technology when it comes to document archiving. Two Hänel Rotomat® office carousel systems were installed to automate the inspection documentation archive and the material samples collection for better process efficiency.

"In the past documents were sorted, compiled and kept in DIN A4 ring binders according to item numbers. However, as our range of clothing expanded enormously, our document and sample archiving was getting out of control," says Petra Irlbacher, administration team manager for goods inspection.

Today the inspection documents are neatly sorted and archived in vertical DIN A4 hanging folders in two Hänel Rotomat® office carousels. All hanging folders have barcode labels and, thanks to the vertical Ferris wheel principle of the Hänel systems, the archives take up very little space. Unlike the complex archiving based on item numbers and binders kept on shelves, the Hänel Rotomat® solution is more efficient because each hanging folder is assigned a product model number. 

The advantage: The barcode label on the folder ensures that each product model has only one storage position in the archive system. When a file is removed from the system, the space is no longer occupied and is thus available for allocation to another product model. All item data and product descriptions are stored in Witt's own enterprise IT management system, and this information is also displayed on the terminal of each Hänel office carousel during archiving and retrieval. Hänel management software controls both office carousels and communicates seamlessly with the enterprise host system used at Witt.

Each Hänel Rotomat® has 12 shelves, and each shelf is fitted with eight pull-out units for 92 vertical DIN A4 hanging folders. A frequency converter makes sure that the vertical rotation within the system is smooth and quiet.